Have the Stock and Bond Markets Begun to Breakdown? – Insider Trading

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There has now been 390 days without a 5% correction in the stock market and up until recently, market euphoria has reigned. But recently, both the bond and stock markets behavior has been shifting. If this is truly the market corrections everyone has been waiting for, how will this impact the fed balance sheet tapering that began in October? Will US government bonds still be the flight to safety trade? If not, will bitcoin be the new flight to safety? How about gold?

By ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang

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B Ackermann says:

Why not just buy both?

Bigfoot Xing says:

I'm with you. 80% gold & silver but LOL 20% in crypto's (aka from fb Robert Bernache)

Ryan Patterson says:

What's wrong with owning both cryptos and precious metals?

racerxtoday says:

You have no credibility.  You either don't understand BTC, or you're being dishonest about it.  You and Peter Schiff are going to continue to lose out.
They THINK they're going to tame BTC.  You know very well that a futures market will not affect BTC…if you don't know that's worse.

Jim Samson says:

The rothchild virus is deadlier than a nuclear bomb , this is why this virus needs to tunnel in the ground to kill all of GOD given life. The rothchild virus buys scum to create scum

Jim Samson says:

Yes i believe in what you are saying because you are a very intelligent and informed human being that wants to inform us with the knowledge that we need to acquire and protect our children from the rothschild virus

Hinston Carachi says:

You are the best !

Viking Mike says:

The information that Lynette Zang brings to light is not only priceless, but also factual anchored in reality. Great work.

Anderson Joseph says:

I think Lynette has made some clear concise evidence based arguments for her position. Ask yourself given the chance and in an ideal world I who would you trust Lynette or the Central Banksters. I hold a little crypto, but only what i can afford to loose if the space goes belly up.

4711Express says:

Experienced! That is the right word for it Lynette! For me today's situation is like the dotcom period. Everybody excited every day – day in day out! They lost so much after the break down, really sick many of them still years after because they could not make up for their losses.

Nic Parker says:

You are really off because we got Trump in and not Hillary. The charts you show really mean nothing like the weather on Mars. Are you invested in 5 year bonds or something? Then why are you talking about it? This is gloom doom Canadian America Bashing , Show me your Birth Certificate you Canadian.. How od I know? You don't sound like an American you sound like a liberal Canadian is why.

Cosmos142857 says:

You may be right but not for the reasons you think. Machine intelligence us sweeping away all opposition. Nothing will stop them now. Nothing.

GeorgeAlexanderOz says:

I think Lynette misuses the term "black swan". She looks into some numbers and asks if that might be the black swan. You can't see a coming black in the numbers. It can't be seen. The moment she starts predicting black swans accurately, they stop being black swans.

Dan Barrett says:

great info. Like the chart of FED buying mortgages not selling. Very important to watch this. THANK YOU!

Marilyn Shapiro says:

I won't join in either (with crypto currency). Thank you 😊

Rupert Butler says:

You're old so you're stupid? The comical ignorance and arrogance of the manipulated youth.

Moditronic says:

A- you're 1000% correct
B- you're looking good, honestly looking good
C- I'm a tech guy and I follow the 3 amigos but fiat scares me and honestly, I have dipped in to cryptos as a pure gamble and fully expect to lose my hard earned play money at some point

This reset is real, it will happen and it's overdue. I work with very wealthy people as I deal in exotic cars and I'm hear to tell you, they are scared and so am I.

musicdiva says:

I just like your common sense, thank you!

s404n1tn0cc says:

Great Stuff Lynette. The old school is the best school. Their not teaching real life subjects. Their stuck in their popularity screen. HA HA HA

bennett guinn says:

Lynnette: Please do a piece on avoiding counterfeit metals.

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