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What’s it REALLY like to be a day trader? Here’s what a typical trading day for me and some of my students is like. This is your sneak peek into the penny stock lifestyle. Check this out…

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What’s it REALLY like to be a day trader?

Spoiler: this might not be the most exciting lesson I’ve ever shared. If you think an average day trader’s life involves jumping into pools of money … Think again.

Get ready to be enlightened.

In this video, I share what an actual day in the life of a trader is like. I’ll tell you about a typical day in my life. I’ll also show you how some of my students live and trade. This is your sneak peek into the penny stock lifestyle.

I’m trying to be as realistic as possible. I want you to understand this is a marathon, not a sprint. Are you ready for the truth?

I’ll tell you the truth. If you’re trading responsibly, no single stock, trade, or sector really matters. It’s all about the big picture and how it all works out over time.

But if you’re not responsible … if you get too cocky or aggressive … if you use leverage … One bad trade can ruin you.

That’s why I teach my students to trade small and work up slowly. If you trade scared, it’s not so scary anymore.

Counterintuitive? You bet. But sometimes counterintuitive advice actually works best.

So how do I really live? I’ll tell you how I live like a retired trader … Learn how this mentality helps me maintain discipline.

Today, I made $2K today on $IPCIF and $RAFA.* As I always say, $2K a day keeps a real job away. Watch the video for more on that…

I also show you how some of my students killed it on trades — and how they did it.* You might be surprised by their gains…

Leave a comment … What’s your favorite pattern? Tell me what you like! Don’t have a favorite yet? Comment with “I look forward to studying!”

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Timothy Sykes says:

Leave a comment … What’s your favorite pattern? Tell me what you like! Don’t have a favorite yet? Comment with “I look forward to studying!”

Liuv Suarez says:

AYTU 4,000 share. Short @ $1.48 8:43, covered @ $1.27 8:49. Paper. Webull. Etrade didn’t let me borrow these shares. What brokers are good for shorting small cap? I know you recommend etrade and I got with them cuz of you but they suck for shorting. Executions are great tho. Interactive brokers? Sprinttrader? Let me know. Much love from Chicago. It’s Lamborghini not Lambo lol

Zaeem Akhtar says:

Hey Timothy! I'm newbie to stock things. Can you guide on how and from where should I start learning in order to master those skills and which platform should I use to get these information of stocks? Thanks!!!

Evan Hall says:

Hi Tim, thank you for making these videos and sharing your knowledge. I’m currently studying. Started this weekend and learned lots already. Currently listening to audiobooks, watching free videos on YouTube. I’m determined to learn as much as I can before I jump in. Gonna practice in a simulator once I’m ready.

One question, do I need a three screen set up or can I trade with a labtop?

Luther James says:

I look forward to studying.

Bright's Life says:

I trying to learn now

Aditya Bhattacharya says:

I look forward to studying!

karmona bros. says:

i look foreword to study 😎 thanks again Tim

nail carter says:

And yes I’m the next tim g thank u !!!!

EdgyUserName XX says:

Hey Tim, I'd like to dip my toe in the water of stocks, but only have my phone at the moment (apartment fires are bitch) and am wondering which stock trading app you would recommend.

Hakeem Kazni says:

I look forward to studying.

Zachary Estright says:

I look forward to studying and I look forward for the interview to get into the challenge that I've been waiting a month for! I currently only have 2 hours a day free to study though as I work 12 hour days 7 days a week. I will prepare!

David Smith says:

I look for Super Nova's!! Best Patter you have shown me!! Watch for the first Green Day, Yeah!!!

Izzat Study says:

hi… its great learning from you..

Ellen says:

Dip buying the first Green Day on hot runners like today on AIM. After the run up settled and sellers took profits I Got in and sold way too soon but was really excited to have such a great profitable day on a single trade. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned after watching just a few of your videos! I’ve been literally studying for just months and finding you only a few weeks ago has really helped me and I am so thankful 🙂

Luis Pena says:

I love dip buying end of day into otc spikers or first Green Day, preferably with a catalyst and then maybe hold overnight

Tommy Ferreira says:

i look forward to studying !

doody fly says:

I trade very scared to loose money. that made me go to the paper trading option to allow me make a mistakes and learn. I do paper trading and I use thousands shares instead of few hundreds of my real money. Great way to learn and point your weaknesses. Dip buying is one of my favorite patterns.

Ryan parker says:

I look forward to studying I read ur book and just got my trader checklist thumb drive in the mail yesterday👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Derick Torres says:

Hey, where do I actually buy the stocks?

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