Here's why Fundstrat's Tom Lee isn't surprised by sell-off

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Tom Lee of Fundstrat joins “Closing Bell” via phone to discuss the market sell-off as coronavirus concerns grow around the globe.


None NAN says:

one of the reasons why everyone says to do the opposite of what @CNBC Television says is because they associate themselves with clowns like Tom Lee. Zero credibility

woodstock envy says:

the lemmings are lining up for another shot at the punch bowl .. used car salesmen and financial advisors, choose your favorite

Geoff Gyro says:

SP500 is + 12% since January 2018.
Well below average. The Fed is proping it up, printing $100 billion per month.

Arwin SS says:

Seriously you still ask him?

mark KAO says:

A broken clock is right twice as much as Tom in 24 hrs

MGTOW Matty says:

"just relax everyone..nothing to see here..just keep pumping your money in…so we can get out money out.."

TransCanada Weather says:

Sorry but this guy is a waste of time. Called bitcoin wrong every-time and is basically a perma bull for equities, then when theres a sell-off of some degree he says hes not surprised even though hes always recently on saying theres nothing to worry about and the bull run will continue forever.

R James says:

This new virus is I suppose another good reason to avoid using and touching cash.

In this context there is good news for BItcoin and Litecoin . The Winklevoss partnered SPEDN app is now integrated with @NCRCorporation They are one of the largest point of sale companies in the WORLD!

This should enable payments in thousands of additional outlets. 🍟

Mr. World says:

The stock only goes up.

beswick1111 says:

just keep buying more stocks suckers im sure the market will keep going up forever, there will never be a 10% + correction ever again, the FED is in total control, they can do whatever they want to keep the economy going, everything is great % rates will stay low forever, there will be never ending growth, there will never be a recession or depression ever again, we live in a golden age where things can and do and will only go up, so keep buying those stocks, especially TESLA, its still very cheap at $600, and amazon at $2000 is UNDERVALUED I think, sell all your assets and just put all your money into the stock market especially TECH stocks, they are still very cheap and undervalued, you will not regret it.

Peter Tahoe says:

This is why you NEVER listen to the "experts". That includes all the financial talking heads and the WHO knucklehead who downplayed the situation. This sell off was LONG OVERDUE. Anyone who was still Bullish was too biased, complacent or foolish to see clearly. It took a global pandemic to kill the Bulltards. NO ONE should have been caught off guard today. Puts at yesterday's bounce into close were an obvious trade

In4cer in4cer says:

More phony cheerleaders!!!

ernie jazz says:

How does this guy have a job??? He absolutely sucks!

Peter Cheng says:

the guy who said bitcoin will be $30k, and it never did.

Nicholas Newcomer says:

That’s edible!

Tom Bo says:

Look at the BS Corona Virus story – don't look at hyper bubble stock market, negative interest rates and a world economy in free fall.
Fear was always spread by the ones in power to control the masses.
Next: All efforts will be to push up Cruid Oil higher – the lifeblood of the military complex and the entire financial sector.
The bubble must be inflated even more – for the end game. The whipe out of the middle class.
Only Bitcoin and Crypto will safe you.

obikanobi dombo says:

Lee likes to keep things positive .like not stop shilling bitcoin for years. And the knowingly been wrong. Zero credibility for this p.r. guy. Wouldn't invest a dime in fundstrat. This guy has been consistently wrong.

obikanobi dombo says:

Year of the great corona in the sky. 21 june summersolstice AND eclipse. The sun will be darkened on his apex..

Jason Wilson says:

Controled fear mongering period.

Old World says:

Hopefully the market bleeds itself out. No more bailouts for anyone, period.

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