Here's Why We Should Thank Penny Stock Pumpers!

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Do you know why I value penny stock pumpers? They play an important role in my trading. Sound crazy? I’ll explain why in this video. Newbies, watch and learn before you start trading — you can avoid falling for the hype.

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Penny stock pumpers are working especially hard right now…

In fact, recently they’re working harder than I’ve ever seen.

So, what are penny stock pumpers? Well, they “pump up” the price action of stocks by promoting them. It’s a pretty simple concept.

And we actually should thank pumpers for all of their hard work — I’ll explain why here.

Also, in this video, I’ll talk about how the pumpers help me trade.

But be very careful. It’s absolutely crucial that newbies educate themselves on blatant pumps before trading. If you don’t understand how penny stock pumps work, you can seriously blow up your account.

To put it simply, volatility is a prime condition when trading penny stocks. You want stocks to be volatile because it can give you more opportunities to take advantage of price action.

Think about it in this example: If a stock’s price rises about 5% and the price was originally $2, you can potentially profit 10 cents per share.

But if a stock’s price rises about 50% and the price was originally $2, then you can potentially profit $1 per share. A WHOLE DOLLAR. Would you rather make 10 cents per share or $1 per share?

Exactly my point. And that’s why we like volatile stocks. We want their prices to go way up, but we also know they’ll drop way down. It’s physics — what goes up must come down.

That’s where pumpers come in…

They can help by bringing these stock prices up and adding volatility to the mix.

But I’ll get into more detail about that in this video — tune in!

Leave a comment below if you understand why and how much I appreciate penny stock pumpers. Say, “I thank all the pumpers out there.”

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Timothy Sykes says:

Leave a comment below if you understand why and how much I appreciate penny stock pumpers. Say, “I thank all the pumpers out there.”

ai ai4u says:

Tim!! You forgot vitamins TH and C together for the pumpers! Now that's an edible arrangement I could get on board with😆

Real Side says:

Go pumpers
We need you guys to get some $$$

Sal Ramirez says:


Dan Brillon says:

Awesome info today, thanks Tim. You filled in a couple holes for me like knowing what the offering is for, that price is "probably" closer to the real price of the stock and "approximately" where it may drop to, that's valuable. Also knowing to look for offerings as a possible end to a promotion and to look for first red day after that can also be very valuable for finding these ahead of time. Thanks again, great info today!

So knowing what I know and with what info I learned from viodeo above I LITERALLY put this together while I was typing out a reply to someone below. Does this sound right Tim?

Fundamentals tell a very important story about the company, and combined with the SEC filings, you can almost predict what sketchy things these guys are gonna do in the future to raise money, stay listed on the Nasdaq, sell there shares at a higher price before tanking the business etc…..For example, the higher float, the more shares they have to do more reverse splits in the future. Promotions increase price which encourages offerings, which adds more shares back to the float, see the cycle.

Pam Prier says:

I thank all the pumpers out there.

Market Maker says:

I was think of news and catalyst mostly as smokescreen for insiders to cover up the unethical business with management with the company. So would you say that fundamental research isn’t really necessary Tim?

Ultra Trader says:

$VCBD seems like its being pumped before the pop

Kenneth R Kim says:


Fake Account says:

thanks pumpers

Cody says:

I thank all the pumpers out there.

Babu Frik says:

Thank you pumpers. Ride the waves.

Mania Neo says:


Waldy Santana says:

Tim, just want to say thank you for always keep and never stop educating us. God bless you

gingervitis says:

thanks pumpers, appreciate it

Tom the philosopher says:

love u pumpers.

angel sel says:

Thank-you Pumpers I'm still studying thank you Tim for everything and giving these videos to learn from

Lyric X says:

Pumpers are the best but you gotta know how to work it. In and out is the best rule to day. I remember when DLOC went from under a penny to about 35 cents in one day came all the way down to 9 cents then back up to 30 all in one day. If you played that right that was almost a 1000 percent gain.

Gene Bradbury says:

I need notifications on the pumps…

Bappee3 says:

You're the best

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