HIGH Crude Oil Price – 3 Trading Strategies (Hindi)

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High crude oil price provides a good trading opportunity to traders and investors. When the crude oil price is increasing, i follow triple trading strategies around the crude oil. There are reports that crude oil price may touch $100/bbl in one year. It is a very crucial macroeconomic indicator. High crude oil price means higher inflation thus it impacts the growth of the economy. In short, it is negative news for the stock market.

HIGH Crude Oil Price is the result of the cut in supply by the oil-producing countries. Crude oil price is the classic case study of the impact of demand and supply on the price.

Triple trading strategy around crude oil price revolves around
(a) Long position in Crude Oil in the commodity segment
(b) Buy stocks of sectors benefited by the increasing crude oil price like upstream oil companies
(c) Sell stocks of sectors negatively impacted by the increasing crude oil price like downstream or oil marketing companies

Sectors to be benefited are as follows
1. Upstream oil companies
2. Oil Substitutes i.e. biofuel, CNG, Coal, Solar energy etc.
3. Auto Companies selling Hybrid vehicles

Sectors to be negatively impacted are as follows
1. Oil Marketing Companies
2. Tyre
4. Airline or Aviation
5. Packaging
6. Auto
7. Cosmetic companies

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