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parkerbohnn says:

All you basically have to know is all ponzi's end the same. The FED and bankers have turned todays' stock market into a pure ponzi. Usually the general public learns the hard way, this time will be no exception.


will We survive to 2015?!

cali524 says:

Its because when people get together and realize these things and try to do something about it they break it all up and stop it even plant things on people… stop it in its tracks! All we can hope for is that God will step in and stop it if its meant to be!

Janae Lynn says:

Your videos are great! Very informative, never boring. Some of us are stuck at home with no clue about what's going on. I'm surprised you don't have more subs. Thanks and ignore Tommy Troll. GBY!

LookAmongTheHeavens says:

gotta love the 33  movie coming out

Laurie Grimes says:

Good job bro !!!!?

Alisha Stout says:

I just know that I have to pay around 1000 dollars this year for an Obama healthcare tax, and I'm really annoyed about it.

Kip Hansen says:

the predictive programming thing is definitely real. all signs point to everything crashing, not just the SM. good vid.

Tommy Verceti says:

hiw the heck you have 14k subs i dont get it. your a moron and your videos are monotonous and pointless. lemme guess x marks the spot huh….. jerkoff

Seek truth says:

They HAVE TO collapse the monetary system here in the USA as well as everywhere to usher in the ONE WORLD CURRENCY!
Why are some even guessing???? it is a given! IT WILL HAPPEN VERY SOON!

POLICE STATE 2016 says:

Hell is coming to America next year IMO folks, this crash will dwarf all crashes recently in the US.  Brace yourself for the ride!!!

lilmerboy says:

This is predictive programming. They reveal stuff to us ahead of time, even subliminally, and our subconscious accepts it and then it's easier for them to carry out their plans.

Doubil Troubil says:

I can tell you with a fair degree of certainty that there is a real estate crash coming that will dwarf anything we saw in 2007/8.
There is a financial trading product ….ticker DRV related to real estate and it is showing a crash coming that will be monsterous.
I trade the markets every day. 

rip torn says:

they created a massive illusion for us some see yourself included others will never ever ever never never get it …..period!!!!

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