Hot Sectors For 2019

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Tim Bohen and I are discussing 2019’s hottest sectors! While you can’t predict the next hot sector, you can do your best to plan for it. The market will tell you … if you know what to look for.

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Today, we’re talking about 2019’s hottest sectors.

You can’t necessarily predict the next hot sector. But you can plan for it. The market can tell you what the next hot sector is. You just have to wait for the right setup.

You don’t have to predict this stuff ahead of time. This trading game doesn’t have to be as hard as a lot of you make it out to be. I think a little differently. I sit and wait. When I say I trade like a sniper, I mean I only want to take my shot when I see a truly great setup.

And I don’t mind if you start tinkering. You might get bored. So start practicing! Use StocksToTrade! There’s paper money — it’s like fantasy cash — you can start playing with different patterns without risking a dime.

That can help you better guess what the next hot sector will be. When you start to see two or three big gainers in a sector you’ll start to recognize them, and you won’t have to play the guessing game.

Collect data every day. Then use that data every single day. Watch for trends. Say one sector heats up for two or three days in a row. Is that the beginning of something, or is that just a quick ‘run and done?’ You can have a sector or stock run for multiple days. And it can dip for a week or two and bounce back.

A hot sector can cool and then heat up again.

That’s how hot sectors work. It’s not all at once. Sometimes, it can take a few days or a few weeks — so beware. Look for big percent gainers, similarities, and some kind of trend in the same sector.

Write down the tickers that are in play and why. Track your data and review it. That’s how you can learn to recognize hot sectors faster.

Which sector do you think is 2019’s hottest so far? What do you look for when trying to predict the next hot sector? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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Timothy Sykes says:

What sectors are you watching? How are you going to be a stock sniper?!

jerrr says:

how you just gonna tell him he is going straight to hell… thats a bit much

Ernest Moagi says:

I will be aware of trends and murder them shamelessly

Michael Marshall says:

Pretty rough on Bohen, but I understand your point, DON'T KILL ANIMALS !!!

Michael Williams says:

I will be aware,
But not a ware.

MDK says:

im interested in all of it. where do i start? i have been interested in the stock market for months now and checked the markets out of interest same for News. i wanna start soon. bought myself a Notebook now and im READY. im working 2 Jobs to collect some extra cash to practice with.

bas717 says:

Timx2, I appreciate the banter between you two! Due Diligence is what it takes….study, research…. Thanks for the learning and laughs!

Bin Jin says:

Please stop the commercials. YOU ARE ANNOYING AF.

asmooth says:

Tim! Awesome video man! Keep them coming! I will be aware of cutting losses quickly!!! 👊🏻🤙🏻

Charles Adams says:

I will be aware~!

D V says:


Me an him would get along bc I hunt too! Lol good video ya’ll

GoldworldProduction says:

7mins of Tim Sykes in his boxers 👨🏼‍💻

Toolgirl says:

I will be aware & we feed our family buy shooting animals lol

Brett Coatney says:

Bro your trolling was out of control lol

Jacob Ayers says:

great video. finding your setups within the current hot sector is a great way to narrow down your watchlist .

Robert Kellner says:

Loved this one but I would like to see both of you have your hands tied behind your back for the hole video. Think it would be hilarious.

d peters says:

ur stupid lol…what a dick tim sykes. Let the mufukr talk shit!

Krogzax Ants says:

The intro made me laugh! hahaha. Learned so much from you 2 thank you.

Faulk Smash says:

Holy shit, you went in on Bohen lmao.

I know you're trolling, but fuuuck, I was feelin' for the dude haha.

Great video nonetheless. xD

Gehan Siriwar says:

Daaaamn sykes you were hunting bohen down about killing animals..great job..I'm with u on saving animals man..

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