Housing Market Crash Begins! Imminent Global Economic Collapse

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Source, more economic collapse news:


James Hoffman says:

Mr. Angelo completely ignores renewable energy, undermining his thesis.

Shawn says:

Steve Eisman is saying that this is going to be the golden age of banks, and you're saying there will be a huge collapse. Gold and silver will always rise due to inflation.

Terence Thomas says:

No collapse. The economy is strong according to market indicators.

TY RT says:

The only thing that will never fall is food and water

dan dane says:

did you commenters notice that every youtube video global economic news puts out has the word collapse in the the title?

Sabatino Zirolla says:

good, bring it.. i want to buy a few homes cheap.. maybe silver will go so low too that i can get a silver exhaust system for my bike.

Black & Tan Productions says:

Ahhh, So Many Ads! I guess that economy is going strong.

Javier Torres says:

keep in mind FDR in 1933 signed Executive Order 6102 that forbid hoarding & even the barter of gold. So how is this the safest investment?

Dmitry Y says:

If energy efficiency goes down the price of oil must go up, not down. Second, commodities prices boom into 2011 were dictated primarily by demand, and to much lesser degree by rising cost. This guys talks some nonsense?

paul smith says:

There can not be manipulation in precious metal shares as these shares are worth nothing .Why are people so dumb to buy somthing that does not exist .

Yat-Fung Yeung says:

"I see debt people…" That is funny.

James Pierre says:

That guy is full of crap

Carlos Pantsios Markhauser says:

You are absolutely right. This mess is prepared by the reptilians before the big natural disaster will hit the earth. Nobody believe it but it comes. You will remember my words. God Protect Us….

John Fenman says:

Infinite fusion energy, infinite solar energy, infinite gold harvest from asteroids, what a wonderfull world. Half the population dies of old age soon.

alice dodge says:

Why 15 commercials? R u starving?

Shawn Burr says:

guess if you predict it everyday, someday you'll get it right lol

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