How a professional Forex trader trades the 1 and 5 minute timeframe

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More at from Paul Lagham. In this video take a look as I explain how I trade the one minute and five minute time frames on the EURO/USD timefarme. I explain that I am always look for potential reversal points. I explain these in my


prince massi says:

sir plz make a video on 30 min time frame for intraday…

Domenique Charles-Barnett says:

What is the longest you would keep your money in the market? Days? Weeks? The reason Im asking is because I have tried the demo account and have profited over 4,000 in a week with no losses, but I have kept my trades open unitl I am able to catch the market in my favor. Thanks for this video and any info you can provide.

Domenique Charles-Barnett says:

What are the risks of leaving your money in over the weekend? What are your thoughts on keeping the trade open until it reaches the amount I'm looking for?

Virgil Robinson says:

Hi Paul, do you use an idicator for your horizontal lines or are they done manually?

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