How BIG is Bitcoin? (6th Largest Currency)

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In this video we talk about the size and some other interesting facts about the phenomenon that is bitcoin.

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Flyz Channel says:

how much bitcoin u have 😛

Rof Lhard says:

Unfortunately, BTC won't scale with 1MB blocks.

The core Devs refuse to hardfork to keep onchain fees low. They WANT $100 onchain fees. Some even want $1,000 fees.

The Lightning Network white paper itself states that a 130MB block size limit would be necessary for mainstream adoption to be possible, even with various Layer 2 scaling options.

Nils Reichhard says:

Eth and 3rd GEN coins is the future…bitcoin is coming to its end after establishing the crypto movement.

ShinFiwaicearth says:

A crypto-Dollar that's crowd-sourced and has the Treasury as the public ledger could be the solution to the Fed. The only issue would be the energy consumption…

Claus Bertels says:

Guys, do you have an opinion on Monero (XMR)?

Reshad Abd says:

If a government can repeal Net Neutrality and selling it as more freedom for user, they can take over cryptocurrency like bitcoin too.

Michael Percy says:

No other crypto will take over bitcoin – won't happen, ever.

Derek Hockley says:

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Alex Bitcoin says:

Good video. Doing right now on the website primedice min 0.02 btc per day.Uploaded a new video on your channel.

AZOffRoadster says:

Block-chain technology might be useful for elections.

Electron Resonator says:

7:07 he's still in better position, he doesn't involved that much, you see this Satoshi guy, he did make and develop this bitcoin system but deliberately make himself anonymous when bitcoin hit $4 in 2010, and never shows up again since then, also never touch his 1 million bitcoin just to keep the value afloat and erase his digital footprint, after all that Winkleyvos twins take the mainspot of bitcoin millionaires….poor guy Satoshi…even founder of litecoin, Charlie Lee shows up just fine

Ricardo Rehländer says:


ironstevie says:

FIrst people got bitcoin for free. Everyone since is buying to sell higher! How can you not call it out for what it is?
Same is true for every other "coin".
As a consequence the distribution of the coins is something like this:
A few dozens of people hold 25% of the coins. The next 25% is held by a few thousands. The next 25% of coins is held by 100000 people, and if you buy now you will a part of the millions of last quarter. And this distribution is never ever gonna change!!! It`s mathematically impossible.
It was the same a few years ago!!! A exponentially higher number of people has to buy after you!!! It`s no rocket science that at some point you will run out of people.
You cannot distribute something that was created for free evenly. There is no era of a "fair distributed" money ahead of us! It will alway stay the same thing.
If you think otherwise please explain.

Polycube says:

'Anarcho'-Capitalism is not a real thing, they're just far-right wing Neoliberals trying to rebrand themselves.

marco says:

Kill central banks

Sam Minniota says:

I watched a 55 second ad for you Dagogo! Keep up the awesome videos mate.

Kalyan chakravarthy says:

Good job bro

The Fearmoths says:

Bitcoin won't become a household currency until it becomes less complicated. I've tried several times to get on board the Bitcoin revolution, but gave up as it was too confusing.

Rohith Dsouza says:

Bitcoin is Gonna go down.

Adhik Joshi says:

All Cryptocurrencies has one issue, , Which is its supply. This is a feature and its problem at the same time.
There has to be some sort of supply inflation,
As more people is using the currency its price is sky rocketed, which makes it more unpredictable,
There are 21 Million Bitcoin Supply,

How world can Run on 21 Million coin Supply??

Almost all of Crypto currencies has this issue, As More people uses this price goes up,
Currently only Some millions people are using this, Imagine over a billion people using cryptocurrency, prices will be on the moon,
This Currencies can't be used as regular money, As people have need to have.

Bitcoin is not a bubble but it has created other bubbles around it, because of rising popularity. This can harm the market.

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