How Bonds Work And Make You Money

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How Bonds Work And Make You Money

What is a bond and how can it help to make you money and grow wealth? The good news is, bonds are not very complicated and are very comparable to normal loans.

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Nadiya Karalash says:

I was hoping you would explain the difference between the yield/market rate and coupon rate and how it works :/

David's Trades says:

Clay Trader actually did it, he transformed his physique.

SexAddict says:

I need some cheap shares for pulm. 👊

Chuck Brown says:

I'm sorry this is just a long way to go to get to simple information. Out!

ram baipureddy says:

When we will get the face amount?
Will we get it after the maturity date?

DiyEcoProjects says:

Thank you for this, great stuff. If its okey can i ask something please. What are "Trusts" and how do they work please? also what strategies do rich people have in order to: manage money, create more? … all the best. / OOo… does that mean you can reinvest the %4 annual coupon rate each year?

Armando Rubio says:

You can also buy bond ETFs, but that's a discussion for another day…

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