How CRUDE OIL Prices Fell Below $0 | P R Sundar

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How Crude Oil Price Fell Below $0 to almost -$40 – What actually happened? Will Petrol/Diesel Prices Fall in India? Everything explained in detail by P R Sundar
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Topics covered in this video:

– How Crude Oil Price Fell Below $0 a Barrel?
– What is the reason behind the drastic drop in Crude Oil Price
– Will Fuel Prices Go Down?
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Valy Furtado says:

Sir I still don't understand why it should be minus 38 even if it is for physical delivery. Am I obligated to buy can't I just walk away without buying. Shouldn't it be just if I held one contract say for 10 dollar am I expected to pay 38 dollar more.

Malkit Singh says:

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Nalini G.S says:

Mixure of knowledge & humour

Antony raj says:

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I have taken RBL bank @180 , 700 shares should I hold it ? Do you think RBL bank can bounce back in 2 years to breakeven point?

Soma Electricals says:

Sir can you tell me why crude oil is sold in barrels

Jak Kur says:

Humor 👌👌

Sayan Pal says:

Father of Sundar from ash etech YouTube channel. I was wondering where have I seen him.

AK S says:

Just now watched ur video in Josh's talkies. Beautiful speech….. How much investment needed for HNI….
How much return I can expect in a month in options…

Rahul Goswami says:

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Biswambhar Tripathy says:

Sir your jocks are very very funny and your teachings are really great

Subash M says:

Sir My frd called me from Uk n told the same thing that crude
oil price has come down. He is investing 5 lak ( 5k £) and should wait till 5 months to get good returns.. please assist can we also invest.. is it safe at this point of time…

Bhavin Shah says:

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Matt Patta says:

Sir may i have your contact number. I need your help to learn options

kannaa moochi says:

Please explain one video for stock options with how to select strike price and how select stock's for options trading


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