How day traders work the morning gaps

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Gap trading is the most consistent and profitable day trading or scalp trading strategy found in the markets today.

You can learn how to trade the gaps properly by understanding the math behind what makes stocks have a price reaction in the other direction.

There are morning gap trades and gap fill trades. Both these gap trading strategies are extremely profitable and produce consistent profits for those traders with the desire to learn and the discipline to trade the right way.


james john says:

I understand that you are selling the course and want people to understand how you derive the Support and Resistance Levels and why not to enter a trade. But this is a early morning trade strategy in which you provide the alerts which people pay for monthly. I do not think it's a good practice to provide a Non-Valid trade and then come back and say you should of known better since you did not know the course material. That's just a excuse and seems to be that you don't want to take responsibility of your alerts.

orapronobis says:

Excellent information and analysis as usual thank you

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