How Do I Create Competent Traders?

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How Do I Create Competent Traders?

A lot of people want to know how I create successful traders.

Bottom line: You should learn strategies that can increase your chances of becoming a better trader.

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My strategies might not be the safest, best, or easiest to learn. But they can potentially grow your trading skills in a big way, as proven by my students and myself.*

I give you my knowledge, you learn from my experiences. I’m selling education. It’s about how much you want to invest in your future potential.

I’m trying everything to turn you into a successful trader and the best student possible — because it’s in my own best interest!

I’m just an average guy living a very extraordinary life. And if you work hard, maybe you can too.

Are you serious about becoming a better trader, or is this more of a hobby for you? Leave a comment below and tell me why.


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Slavi Ivanov says:

Appreciate the checklist

Devin Tuff says:

quick question. can people like myself make 100k+ per trade with penny stocks? or is it too hard to see/buy shares.

Johnathan Hicks says:

Well…..I like Tim even more now lol

TheCarpiu says:

How to get STT shirt?????

Zachs Moto says:

I dont get your watchlist for some reason!

Wiltenson Denavard says:

Like you always say:"You are real in an industry full of scams."

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

Blair B. Almonor says:


AslanAtreyu says:

I'm in STT pro…. how can I get an STT T-shirt?

Omar Elias says:

I agree 100%

Anton Wilson says:

Tim you are fuckin hilarious 😂😂😂 we appreciate all of the videos! Keep em comin💯💯💯

Simon Guindon says:

Love the honesty. Will definitely watch all your material!

Alex Krotz says:

Yeah, rip on those people! Be more like Tim & Karmagawa, really doing something for the world!

*Xx*x*xX* Soldier *Xx*x*xX* says:

I love how Tim raised two middle fingers to the "conservative internet moralists" who are nothing but keyboard activists! Good job Tim. I've been learning your mindset for some years and been applying it to my forex trading account because unfortunately, US stock brokers are not available in my country. My trading account have been growing really well and I give major props to the fact that I met you earlier on. Thank you for these free insights!

Alvian says:

the best!!!!!

Mike Lacross says:

Get'em TIM!!! Truth.

Vi Cki Cepolski says:

I do respect who you are as a teacher a mentor and the attiude of a sucessful trader,I watch everything you post and all your free videos which are very helpful for someone like myself who has zero experience but really wants to have the best tools before investing in this market,im also a homemaker and have very little income which has inticed me to find a career where i can be comfortable and provide for my family being a single mom with chidren of course want the best for them and provide them with a education as well as having what they need.So with that being said ,I could never afford your mentorship nor your tuition to be your student.I would have to already be rich before being able to afford that education.A bit
frustrating,thank you for all your free education ,it is much appriciated.

Chris Smith says:

Thanks Tim … 🙂 I think charity is awesome can't wait to contribute. Help others

steve thompson says:

Tell it like it is, I love it. The checklist is legit!

George Price says:

In the four months that i have started trading i have watched traders checklist three times. Watched a ton of your other videos, and read so many blog posts of yours. You are an amazing teacher.

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