How gold and silver perform during an official reset. Thank you Venezuela!

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Stock market volatility is back in a very big way, with intraday price swings leaving many market participants fearful and seeking a safe haven in the market storm. Investopedia says “A safe haven is an investment that is expected to retain or increase in value during times of market turbulence. Safe havens are sought by investors to limit their exposure to losses in the event of market downturns.”

Of course, wall street wants main street to follow where they lead, but I believe in educated choices. So let’s examine what wall street wants us to think of as safe haven and what really is safe haven.

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ICCE Consulting says:

Next time can you compare gold and silver's performance in Venezuela since the hyperinflation started? Thanks for all your work!

swordoftruth says:

The US government with its FED and Military Industrial Complex are hard core unethical immoral criminal organizations! the MSM is the high production fake cover story using all manner of mind control crap if u are fool enough to believe them.

Alex09 says:

***H.R. 5404
To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold. Introduced 3-22-18***

Agent88 NZ says:

If I go to the xe currency convertor is it a simple followon that VEF /USD is 58,445,000 VEF =5,851,814.77USD==PLEASE ADVISE


Hello, I'm very confused. lol. So how many times roughly would gold and silver go up if there was a reset in the US or even a global reset?

Magdalena van Weert says:

yesterday, I learned that WORLDWIDE (most) Stock Markets would be CLOSED! (correct me if I am wrong): Friday, (""Good" ? Friday )March, 31st, up and until Monda, April 2nd:

Magdalena van Weert says:

Thanks, Nice, beuatiful and clever lady

Robert Adolph says:

The BIG QUESTION isn't what the future ratio of gold and silver will be but, Is Jesus your Lord and Savior.

Robert Adolph says:

When the dollar crashes there will be great civil unrest followed by the Russian invasion. 30% of the Bible is prophesy and we are at the doorstep of the Book of Revelation. How many have a Christian world view? One percent in America.


Venezuela Gold went up more but Silver is cheaper.

elinor s says:

During a reset…and social chaos and fighting, how would one be able to sell their gold without being "killed" or harmed for it? Can you address how easy it is to sell gold and how one should do it….Getting in seems relatively easy, how about getting out?

Brandon Boyer says:

Crypto kids are living a life for quick easy dollars!! Sellouts to the max with no moral compass. Have ya talked to a 18 yr old lately? It's a joke

Me Blake says:

Numismatic coins can be confiscated if you cannot prove you are a coin collector. If the Gov gets desperate enuf, they will confiscate gold jewelry.

SoCalFreelance says:

"Keep watching Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor, nothing to see here" – Wall Street Banksters

Tibor Zavecz says:

On physical Silver on top of that you have to pay taxes as well! For 1 kg silver bar you pay an extra 60 to 100 dollars when you sell it back to the producerReseller. Which is a lot! With other words people can make money on when you sell it back to them.

George Assad says:


Tibor Zavecz says:

How they perform? Well, because of the margin calls traders have to liquidate so precious metals sink as well. Afterwards PM's hopefully go higher. Cheapest way is to buy gold and silver ETF's as you can liquidate them easily. If you buy physical you can sell it on spotprice back to the producer, miner or seller who sold it to you.

KC H says:

Why don’t they use platinum?

Joe Farrow says:

So fiat end, what now? Technology goes to sleep?

You trying to tell me blockchain technology means nothing in this world? Technology has advanced. Gold silver will be hard. How will u buy a cup of tea? Hold on let me cut a bit of gold for u …..

Get real !!!

astride the cacophony says:

I'll be the first to admit that although I store/stack PM's and firmly believe in their (PM's) ability to act as a store of value that I have nevertheless recently been dabbling ((for speculation purposes)) in the crypto-currencies/tokens marketplace (for lack of a better word)…this incredible presentation by Miss Zang has helped me to understand that those monies currently utilized in the crypto-market would be better invested in PM's…thank you Miss Zang for enabling clarity of thought…it can be so difficult at times to avoid being caught up in the "fad" of the moment. I guess we will have to be continue to be patient for our (Gold/Silver Bugs) day…the day, when gold/silver realizes it's true value.

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