How Gold & Silver Will Trade During A Market Crash

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While many investors believe Gold & Silver are going to crash along with the Markets, like they did in 2008, I see a much different setup. If we look at certain indicators, Gold and Silver are primed for a huge move higher after the initial Market Crash.


H R says:

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Jeff Thomas says:

It's fairly simple. Gold and silver are really low right now. A great by product of the obvious fact that trump has 1 purpose on earth. To make as much money as possible. He currently has a blank check like he's never seen and the dollar being strong is how they are going to make as much as possible in the next few years. I truly believe silver and gold will languish during this time with minor jumps up and down. Thats great for us that can see this. Stock up, stock up, stock up. It's how we can come out smelling ok when shtf. We can't win at their game ( central banks and the fed) but we can try to educate as many as possible and take advantage of silver when we all know it will shoot up, most likely sooner, i think 3 to 5 yrs since the crooks running the system have put the dollar on hyperactive because they might only get 4 yrs in office. As opposed to the ops and pls when silver was a longest term investment. Buy cheap sell some high, save more for a never know scenario. Good luck everyone and please take advantage of today

Dewayne Smith says:

We will be in a bull market till we are not. In the mean time I will keep stacking and selling and buying stocks.

Warner Bauer says:

How do stock buybacks, tax cuts, and baby-boomer retirements factor in?

Warner Bauer says:

Keep in mind: The size of the US economy in 2000 was about $10.28 Trillion, in 2008 about $14.8 Trillion, now it is past $20 Trillion. Population in 2000: 282M, 2008: 304M, 2017: 325M. So…

Fuzzy Camel says:

Anyone else think it's suspicious that gold/silver are crashing with a massive currency crisis on the horizon? The emerging market currencies are crashing, meanwhile the US dollar is rallying with rising interest rates, and the EU is about to collapse. You're going to see a wave of countries default on their US loans, meaning the dollar will rally to a point, then it too will collapse.

Mitch McMitch says:

We will buy our gas & groceries in silver, & our houses & cars in gold

Vintage Souffle, LLC says:

You can see that much is certain. They have so much of the metals they can take the prices anywhere they choose. And they are contrarian when it comes to the commoners. Is all of this meant to keep the people down? Do we have to second guess that one. All the chance cards are drawn. You are also very right that we will never see the end of it. The downward spiral will be like no other in history. It won't be safe to have money and that's where bitcoin comes in. So many questions; so little time. Got to put our thinking caps on.

G C says:

So what is your answer, if we dont have thee energy, and cash might not be ones solution to hang on, what will they govt; possibly do, and what do you think individuals should do , or prepare with, and , or for ?? Thank you !

Frank says:

I think this is one of those broken clock guys – he'll be right someday – by accident

shark air says:

john ellis, did you watch the video? i posted a link. hover the mouse over the link or just type the words
Trick or Treat – Free 100 oz Bar of Silver, or Free Hershey Bar?

Scott Hansen says:

Very valuable information. Thank you!

Mark Thurgood says:

im thinking flip those 2 charts?

Johan Jonsson says:

Bitcoin fanboiz will not like this video.

Roger Hendy says:

@Steve, How will the Commodity Ad Network token (CDX) trade during a crash because it's seems to have lost over 90% of it's value since ICO. And I do recall an interview you did over on jsnip4's channel where you paid him about $17k worth of ETH to help pump your ICO sale so his naive followers would pile into it, and you're forecasts were for it to go up in value. What have you got to say about this?

Raven66 Raven66 says:

Like your analysis of charts . This is one big bubble ready to pop . I have lost money in 2 market crashes. Thanks for the info

Ian atherton says:

More than likely down because all the markets are controlled by the family of 13 bloodline cartels groups , only if gold or silver runs out will there be a problem they cant control the way they like it ! what are the chances of that , very little ! Anyone else please explain the argument to me otherwise !

Gw Baker says:

Just found gold discovering this channel! Clear superbly communicated info. Thanks a lot.

Iam Negan says:

Silver is on its last leg. Soon to be almost worthless.

Pete Deiler says:


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