How He Built A $200,000 Portfolio Trading Options! (Q&A Interview)

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My friend Justin from the Road To The 2 Comma Club on YouTube hit a huge milestone today! He broke $200,000 on his journey to building a $1,000,000 portfolio. Justin will be doing a live Q&A to talk about his investing strategy, which primarily involves trading options.

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Ryan Scribner says:

Video starts at 0:16 special thanks to Justin for taking the time to talk to us on his birthday!

Jun Bin Winston Lee says:

Any books you'd recommend for learning about options, Justin?

C Glenn says:

Stay tunesd, Ryan will be interviewing Robbie Knievel soon!

Supergecko8 says:

So shorting the market with options before the crash would make you an insane return?

Dindunuffin says:

This guy is terrible to take advice from. Check out his channel he doesn't even know why a stock prices goes up. All he says is "I like dope companies who do dope shit" meanwhile he berates people on Bloomberg news for having a bearish outlook. Options are great, amazing, but for the love of god look at the underlying company.

Financial Education says:

By the way Justin I strongly strongly suggest you change your channel Icon to your face or something really professional looking like Ryan has. I never clicked on your channel before because I thought it was a teenager channel or something based upon the name and mainly icon. Im certainly not a youtube know it all but I want to help where I can

Financial Education says:

Love it! Great job Justin with explaining the risks and also talking about the good and bad that comes with Options. Congrats on your success also!

Mr Big Time says:

Good job 👏. Im an Option trader as well up 67.7% ytd

JcBalls says:

Happy bday justin! I keep up the good work. Love the content


I bought and sold my first stock last week. I bought 150 shares of crius energy trust (kwn.un)at 8.70$ and sold at 9.20 I made about 70 dollars plus the dividend so about 82$ profit which isn't bad for my first time I'm only 14 and my dad did pretty much everything like taking the money out of my account, but I want to know how you find stocks with potential and how old where you when you bought your first stock

george garrido says:

This is a great strategy for buying quality companies at the end of a market crash .. NOT THIS MARKET .. be prepared to lose %75 or more if crash happens in VERY short time frame and you wont have time on your side with wasting assets.. ..

bart tehe says:

good luck both of you

Phong Nguyen says:

I would love to learn options!

thomas terrence says:

Exposing himself to an insane amount of risk. When he says "I'm aware I could lose a lot" I hope he knows, one black Monday event wouldn't be "a lot" it would be like 80-95% of a portfolio that is 100% in long call only options, regardless how far out your strikes are. I'm young and take a lot of risk but, idk how this guys sleeps at night. At least hedge some of your portfolio with spy puts or something, Jesus.

Tezera Mogess says:

Also it’s veryyyy risky to hold anything over 50% of your net worth even if your account is in 6 digits

Tezera Mogess says:

Good video. I know it was a stream but to me any interview that goes on for over 30 minutes gets pretty tedious to watch. I certainly wouldn’t be able to watch it all in one sitting. – not meant to be a “negative” comment, just really an observation

Steve Mayer says:

HBD, Celebrate!
Good Show.

Teo G Poker Vlog says:

What was the term of the option to lose 2 days in a row? (you mentioned long term expiration on your contracts)

Unless they expired in 1 day or you bought them a year prior for example, you would have known weeks in advance that those options would have most likely expired worthless.

Teo G Poker Vlog says:

@7:07 Poker players in the house ♣

Joanice Ramos says:

I like this video

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