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Broken 1800!! Now what?

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Some opportunities on gold for those traders who are not trying to jump on a move that has already been made.

Let’s keep our hair on and wait to see how the week closes before resetting the crosshair next week.

There are ALWAYS plenty of opportunities guys.

Good luck.

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Faeez Solomon says:

Hi Jason, what's your take on Gold this week

Atori Oghenetega says:

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Craig Duffy says:

Love your content Jason, thanks for your continued help and motivation –

I viewed your wealth mindset video that was posted a while back and was wondering if you could help me out real quick?

Could you point me in the direction of something that could get me away from a mindset that is too fixated on P&L in my trading? I observe that my mind gravitates towards how much I can make, or how much others have made instead of focusing on proper trading. Maybe you've faced this problem in your trading journey (maybe you already have content related to this).

Appreciate anything Jason, thank you 🙂

captainshivers says:

Nice Work. Thanks for that. Right now i'm looking at an assending wedge of same highs and higher lo's. Projected buying pressure takes it to 2058 Max. if it pops 1981 ceiling. Would like your take on Silver too. What do you think of an Aug. crash before pre-election rally while its quiet? Good luck all.

Ben Johnson says:

i'm just starting to study and learn about forex before i go live and this guy is BY FAR the realest youtuber on the subject! Thanks for all the help!

CP says:

Nice vid, I've been capturing gains the past few week trading long and short but tbh not too confident where gold is heading the next 2 weeks but good tips will be aware

Bruce Smith says:

Thanks Jason great analysis, I'm starting to read the charts more accurately.

David O'Connor says:

Great analysis Jason, patience and risk management key here.. personally waiting on pullback and then 2000 level

Jude Fernando says:

Good analysis Jason! I'm looking into long position some point given the global economic situation. In saying that, it's depending on how long the correction is playing out. We might even have a some sort of sideways/ascending triangle etc. for few in and outs trades. As you said, next week will tell us ""

Jimmy Gch says:

hi, u dont trade silver or other precious metals ?

Gwer Saha says:

First like, First comment. Amazing content Jason, keep it up !!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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