How I Became Financially Free At Age 24 | Trading Stocks & Online Passive Income

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Today i will share with you my success secrets of the internet. Listen up 2019 is your year. All my sources of Income

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Hood Pablo says:

am from Kenya Zed you are the best ..this video is my lifetime change

Graham Davidson says:

Amen brother. Are you still using Suretrader?

TAAVI says:

If Conor McCregor was a stock trader?

Brandon Allan says:

This was a great video. Trying to work for some capital now, and get ready for 2019 so I can have that confidence and freedom. Maybe even add monopoly to my name lol
Keep up with great content

Jakub Kanera says:

have you considered eToro? we could legally copy your trades and you get lifetime divs on our profits as well as guaranteed salary no strings attached. You just have to do what you do daily anyway, trading and making profits.

mo mo says:

Real g zedd
New subscriber

Muhammad Ahmed says:

Great video as always.

Diego Cueto Rivas says:

Hi zed, u question, please.
You use CDF TRADING or SHARE TRADING? FOr penny stocks and blue chips.

mr lotfy says:

essalamo alaikom dear brother zed, thank you my brother for sharing with us your experience and the secrets of success, I'm proud of you my brother, you deserve more so good luck, I love you brother

Adrian Reyna says:

Great content honestly! Thumbs up here!

Morpheus says:

From my personal experience its not good to be too minimalistic as you'll develop subconscious blockages and have unconscious guilt when you do start to make money and want to buy the things you've always wanted. As long as you're a person that has self control and doesn't blow all their money on stupid shit you'll be fine.

Nick Weber says:

Is this a form of mind control? Lol

Motivação Para Todos says:

ZED, u are a BEAST LAD !

David Ortiz says:

I love seeing you win bro you know that moment when you see your goals manifest right in front of your eyes!!!

Hal Harman says:

keeping it real my man. Keep it up

Razor72144 says:

Could you do a recap for the whole of 2018, best and worst trades of your year?
Can you also advise which broker you are using too plz, as I believe you advised to avoid plus 500.

Much appreciated and keep up the good work!

Hyz says:

3 stock trading gurus disliked this video?

pink Cat says:

There are barely any dislikes

Gideon Hero says:


Romeo Lives says:

I am close to financial independence! You are the best mate… I am glad to see you happy and rewarding yourself! The new chapter begins in 2019….

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