How I Became One Of The Youngest Millionaires In Arizona | Ricky Gutierrez

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Jeremy Riaski says:

What is your discord Ricky?

Axel Estrada says:

Has videos en español!

Dancing With B E L L A says:

Your story is awesome! To know your Hispanic as well makes it more inspiring for me and more relatable. Thank you for putting this on YouTube!

Anurag Shaurya Rajput says:

Love u brother you inspired me greetings from india salute u

jax nasca says:

Ricky how did you get a phone number of robin hood? They froze my account with 8000$ becAuse I was robbed by coinbase and I told them via email to time out for a minute and they won't open it?? 4 days and I cannot get a response

Showroom Solutions Plus LLC says:

I bought one of your boards as a kid… small world. That’s all we did was fingerboard and video it. Mike was my role model and his Park was the craziest set up I’ve ever seen!

Michael Crider says:

I tried to join techbud solutions, but it’s says the client was deleted??

agent Rocco says:

I'm 32 , I just started investing 2 months ago , I had red days ,but with the help you provide on YouTube I've had many more green days then red . Thanx man

Jorge Serna says:

This is the 1st video I see from you. I have the money (some) but ZERO knowledge in the Market. Maybe I can learn from you where to start.

Paul Jackson says:

Wow, not only a slick investor but also one of the og dropshippers. Keep up the grind man.

Michael Lesko says:

Thats crazy! When i was between 12-14 i was heavily into fingerboarding and skating as well, to the point where I even wanted to start to make my own boards. I attempted to make my own mold, and even made some of my own obstacles, but I fell through when I didn't ask anybody for help (occasionally my dad) and tried to work alone. Unfortunately it didnt work out, but that didnt bother me too much, since I thought it would be too much competition to go against flatface, berlinwood, yellow, etc. I truly wish I found something else to make up for not starting my company. Up to now I've transitioned to selling sneakers, since it doesnt take as much time as working a job (which is tough since I study computer engineering at school), and have recently begun a financial portfolio. As crazy as it may sound, I find like i can greatly relate to you in terms of financial endeavours, family, educational interests! This video is pretty refreshing and motivating to continue learning more about finances and other interests!

LonelyPianist says:

You are an ALPHA

Michael McCrossin says:

Mad fuckin props man

ArtofJCW says:

Awesome Ricky thank you so much ! Your videos are very inspiring to me . I will be investing in your program very soon sometime in the next couple weeks ….

Justin Cross says:

Highly motivating

hunter doucette says:

Ya got lucky, bud, that's how😑😑 real lucky

Ryan Thompson says:

It’s amazing what kids can do when they’re not being entertained by social media and video games. Awesome story man!

Ty Blunt says:

Great work man! Working for yourself is so rewarding. "you can either work towards your own dream or get hired to work towards someone else's"

Israel Hernandez says:

I'm in Az too bro.. would love for you to be my mentor 👍 Keep up the good work 💯

Cash Money says:

LOL, How do you know your the youngest millionaire in Arizona ???

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