How I Buy Bitcoin & Profit | Stock Investor Trades Crypto

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ChaoticMatters says:

Oh so this whole time I'm thinking I need 7k to buy one bit coin but I can buy less than one!

Mikey Julian says:

Awesome video! Thanks Ricky!

Jose Benavides says:

So say I invested 100$ to buy bitcoin, does the percent increase the same as one full bitcoin? Like say I bought a portion of bitcoin when it was at 5800$ and it’s now currently 7700. Does my 100$ also increase by the same percent?

Ammon Hilliard says:

It think he uses bitconnect on Ryan’s video you can see Ricky’s name

Vett Wet says:

More good info thanks , bit coin is at a high today I used my gdax for trading , keep up with the good knowledge

Sandeep Hasrajani says:

Are you using gdax for the charting? Also, what time span are you looking at?

Thanks for the great videos!

corey figueroa says:

Ricky! Finally talking about the cryptos. Hell ya!

riddler ? says:

do you see the resistance level like where the price/market went to its all time high or recently high?

butwhatcanido smith says:

That is so logical and useful– I appreciate all your input Ricky. Great ideas.


Hey ricky have you heard of bitconnect , the power of compound interest is live and well also i would like to know your thoughts on bitconnect and if it is a good investment

M. Rojas says:

Your videos are like gold. They increase in value (Only for those that can identify its value)

Michael Li says:

Hi Ricky, just googled coinbase it was hacked before. What security measures have they made or what advice have you on what way to store these crytocurrencies? What's your take on it. I mean if we invest in it, it might get stolen before it even goes up further?
Mike ^^

Karl Kenny says:

thanks ricky liking all your uploads very helpful


hey just wondering what is your main source of income?

Brandon Grennan says:

Great video Ricky! Thanks for the knowledge and all of the amazing content you always post.

Basti says:

Which site do you use to analyse the crypto charts?

Jorge Carrillo says:

Lol that's funny I was just talking to my Brothers about bitcoin

Crypto Cobon says:

Ricky I wanted to talk to you about Bitcoin. How do I contact you?

Raphael says:

$Lisk is going up well 🙂

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