How I Doubled My Money Overnight Trading Stocks | Making $1,100 Profit With Less Than $950

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In this trade recap I go over a trade that I did on Bidu in which I bought calls and sold them the next morning. This was a swing trade and not a day trade. Just trying to show that there are multiple different ways you can approach the stock market, and that you don’t have to trade on a daily basis and don’t have to be there every morning. This trade that I did on Bidu stock options cost $905, I bought 5 contracts at $181 each which is a total of $905. The next morning I sold the 5 contracts for $400 each which is a total of $2000. The profit here is about $1100. There is definitely a great power and great opportunity behind trading options but it also comes with great responisbility and risk especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So don’t try to just blindly jump in to these things. Make sure you do some proper research and learn about them. Remember, trading options is harder than just trading stocks. In order to trade stocks you don’t need to know how to trade options, but in order to trade options you need to know how to trade stocks.

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shane Gallagher says:

you show your trade but you dont explain WHY you got into that trade. Was it the double bottom right before your entry?

Enrico Indiogine says:

The stock was downtrending in the afternoon. What made you decide to buy calls? BTW, good job!!

Ángel Zarca Herreros says:

But if you bought 5 contracts at $1.81 each one, that makes a total of $9.05. What am i missing out?

BeatsByEli says:

eye opening

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