How I Find & Buy Big Penny Stock Runners

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Congrats to SO many subscribers, the chatroom has nailed SO many winners these past few days, with nearly 1,000 traders daily its become the GO TO source for finding the best penny stocks that can run and grow an account exponentially


Jsvlad js says:

Tim, at what point can i start trading? as you said about that Jason Yarborough. I will be trading scared and conservative. 
1. Finish American hedge fund
2. finish all the dvds?

thanks Jason V.
(PS Go jumbos! I enjoyed my time at Tufts!)

PS ALso what is the software used for following the stock market? And where do i download it? thanks

JohnnyValo says:

awesome Tim, I'm going through your videos and taking LOTS of notes, you're the best!!

HalomasterA69 says:

Amazing video, so glad that I can say that im apart of the chatroom. Intense!

How-to Tutorials says:

No audio??

Roland Parks says:

Great video.  Get well soon!!

Pierre Stocks says:

Hey Tim, I've been studying the stock market and following you for almost a year now and I Believe I'm almost ready to start trading.  The only problem is I still have one year of High school left. So I was just wondering if you had tips for somebody in my position.

Wynn says:

the fuck am I doing with college right now, I am sick of listen to condescending professors and pay them to tell me what they want me to do. Thanks Tim.

Raidons MuscleFood says:

Great video! I rly wanna go to your conference but not allowed to take vacation from my daytime work. I will go one year tho even if its not this year!

Manto Cumerlato says:

Tim, one of your students here, I personally find incredible how you give all this free information to people without asking for a thing back, I hope people realize how crucial all these notions are in order to make steady gains in the pennystock market. Your truly are a good man, cya in Vegas.

Marshall Bessey says:

timothy where do you get your charts, and do you use a bloomberg terminal?

nZn321 says:

which brooker you recommend to use?

3Daddicted says:

רפואה שלימה

Keith Shallcross says:

Nice video on how to identify stock info in Yahoo Finance, also chart patterns as well.

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