How I got started trading Stocks

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Basically I hired a mentor, Tim Sykes, I learned all I know about the stock market through his DVDs, then subscribed to his chat room.
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Ahmed Abdallah says:

Do you have another job other than stocks?

Qasim tatiq says:

Top video ??

CL LZRNU says:

ok but how much have you made?

KaiiZerFilms says:

Hey man, what program are you currently studying in college?

Zenen Hernandez says:

Didn't know exactly what stocks were but learned a lot from this vid :)

Tshom66 says:

I can safely say that you are a big reason I got interested in penny stocks and from there I found Mubarak Shah from from whom I have been learning for the past couple months (he prefers longing over shorting though, unlike Timothy). I totally agree with the financial independence penny stocks brings and I am striving towards that (don't want to work all my life under a manager) so I thank you a lot for sharing your interest 😀 I owe you a huge thank you!

Hayden Hanlon says:

Would watch a channel dedicated to stocks completely serious.

Hazem Khaled says:

That's interesting man ! Good luck <3

Zach McAdam says:

Nice bro! Tim Sykes as a mentor will be so helpful even long term, keep at it man!

Zep E says:

Good Stuff Omar 🙂 Did you watch all the DVD's? I have been skeptical about shorting so I am going to start short stocking today :)

Colossus Fitness says:

looks legit brother!

Timothy Sykes says:


Zikonation Rs says:

I call bullshit on the tim sykes story. First of he will never sell his tactics, if he did, the tactic won't work for long that's just how the market works. Did you really buy that bullshit?

Kareem Omar says:

Interesting story man, I've cam across Timothy Sykes before but never looked too far into his work

Tim Thebodeau says:

Crunchy peanut butter is better than smooth

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