How I learned To Day Trade In A Week

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How I learned to day trade in the stock market using ToS and Robinhood.


Ricky Gutierrez says:

Hey bud a member in our group shouted you out for making a great intro video. I want to thank you personally for labeling me and my YouTube community as a useful channel. In your opinion what are some areas of opportunity for our channel to provide more quality content for advanced users? We have 30k members with in our group and it's no surprise a majority of them are new traders. Just wanted some feedback and to wish you good luck on your venture!

riches to rags says:

I started out with ZERO knowledge on the stuff and now I'm halfway through, taking notes and researching everything you talk about and feel like I've been studying for two weeks. 

Thank you !

Karan Garg says:

I don't know if you are aware or if I've just misunderstood you but this is very very very basic stuff man. It's important that people are aware that this is not day-trading, this is like the front cover of the day-trading book. I would be seriously impressed if you could learn to consistently profit from one week of learning. Nevertheless, you're on the right track, stick on it, and good luck to you!

damian herrera says:

I noticed a lot on these videos they fail to mention in order to day trade you have to meet margin which is 25k or to short a stock you have to meet margin with a small balance all you can do is options and futures you can buy stocks but you have to hold long

[FuN BuS]-dave says:

I didn’t realise I am OCD. The picture in the middle is wonky. The picture on the right is too low. Please address it or children will starve, end of days, rapture, blah , blah, etc.

kendalismyname says:

How would a day trader make any money if they can only make 3 trades a week? I thought this was something people made a daily income with.

Otis Teetsmann says:

lmao this is hysterically funny. This guy is either a complete moron or owns some part of one of the platforms he’s endorsing – in which case nice acting bud. My guess is he’s a complete moron that would be better off taking that computer sell it and take the 1k$, walk down to the local casino and put all the money on black. He’d have about a 46% chance to double it which by my advanced technical analysis is about 46% better odds than he has now.

referral madness says:

I'm so confused lol. I need to do more research 😣


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Starla Neal says:

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Michel Stuart says:

That’s quite impossible to learn trading forex in just one week. Forex is based on hard work and dedication. One can simply say that he just overrun every possible statistics of forex market just in a week. Forex need learning, practice and lots of failure time to master any magical winning strategy. I have spent almost 9 years in this market and still learning. For my learning my broker AAFX helps me in a great way. It gives me free forex education system with exclusive forex e-books.

DJ Koncept says:

Thank you bro this video. GOD bless you. Going to learn all this no matter how long it takes . #kingdomMONEY

Amzar Nacht says:

Your audio is really, really low.

Chris Jordon says:

Thanks for taking the time to share your journey! Hit some blind luck trading in the crypto space the last few weeks so I've decided to take a deeper look into seeing what I can do after actually having a foundation of knowledge. Best of luck to you bro!

Mark Todd says:

Buy Crypto Dude

CricketLog says:

please use a mic

Crypto Chick! says:

Are you in crypto??? Found ur channel and learned a lot which will help me in crypto. 🙂

The Peart Group says:

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that guy says:

Youre a fking idiot if you think you learned to trade in a week

Jean Wood says:

So I just found what you said literally word for word summarized in this blog : Did you actually do any research at all?

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