How I lost $350,000 Day trading Stocks (My response)

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Stock Trader responds to the popular youtube video titled “how I lost $350,000 day trading stocks and what I learned. This is my response to this video and especially when it comes to where should you get started as a beginner in the stock market.

Learn to day trade step-by-step


Zed Monopoly says:

I hope you guys enjoyed this raw conversation… here's what you need to learn. 1. Fundamentals 2. A bit of technicals 3.Psychology 4.Patterns. Master these
Learn How I Day trade.
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Adelaide Zimmerman says:

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Casual Camera Tester says:

I swing trade using a strategy revolving an indicator. Since January this year, my record has been. W/L ratio of 24:11 for a 69% win rate. P/L ratio of 3.3 : 1 So does that count???

Lumi Pop says:

i watched those videos a while back and thak you for this feedback about it. I feel better now, knowing that it's not that scary…. thank you! Could you make a video talking more about the psychology plssssssss. thank you!

THeUNit says:

Your course was the best decision I ever made, been in 10 other alert chats and barely made a penny, took your course learned how to properly day trade and have been making a killing, and you chat is a great group of guys to chat and learn from, thanks man

Alan Anikeyev says:

Monopoly family son

SA E says:

Zed, I'm starting out with 4-5k. What do you suggest as far as brokers go? I live in the States. So far I have been researching SureTrader but fees might be a bit high? Appreciated if you could help IA bro. Much thanks

Astrosoof says:

Good video! Could you maybe do a video on what is the best broker and that kind of stuff?

Odd_Ali says:

Here is one person, I'm waiting for you to cut it OFF :

Andrea Ordo Ley says:

I am buying your courses July 16 I am so excited Zed!!!! 🥰🧐👩🏽‍💻

Nasir Uddin says:

I wish this channel was bigger so more people could see the truth, and realise Zed speaks with compassion and not greed for stealing peoples money like most other traders do with their courses and videos.

Tony Jabroni says:

Preach my G!! 🙌

Daniel Ciancio says:

Probably my favourite vid you've made. Hafna tajjeb.

SHOIBG10 says:

Can you do videos on swing trading

Alfredo Hurtado says:

He shoulda put those 350k on the SP500. Could had get 35000 a year, at least.

PewCost PVM says:

Dude no wonder i started losing money since i opened indicators and started trading them in a way.. eirlier didnt had any indicators just volume and did fine.

thugged out says:

Zed dude what platform you use for mobile phone ??

Vladimir Popovic says:

You can't use indicators like book theory says. But if you use modifying it and backtest to see when it works +50% times, then it is totally ok

Nada Fazal says:

👌 ✌🏼

miker s says:

Haha, i left a comment on that video!

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