How I Made $100 in 3 Minutes Trading Options On Robinhood | Full RobinHood Tutorial for Stock Trades

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Welcome to Hacks4L. In this video, I discuss how I made money trading options on Robinhood. This is a full tutrial on how to use robinhood including how you create a watchlist and search for stocks to trade or invest in.

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Hacks4L says:

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niko las says:

Thank you for keepin it 💯

shanker2010 says:

Are you self taught? you are very good and easy to understand

Hasan Usman says:

Im getting into stocks but i don’t know when to buy or sell any tips

Futballersfc says:

So you get your info on thinkorswim and trade on Robinhood??

Randy Path says:

Hello. Do you recommend signing up for Robinhood gold?

OMONEY says:

Solid picks in the portfolio…Thanks for sharing.#MAMBAmentality💪🏽😂🌍

Babar Ali says:

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SagarSB7 says:

Love your videos! They’ve taught me so much about trading

SkilledCheckmates says:

What exactly is a scalp?

Kwai Brown says:

"Cries in currently banned for day trading until April"

Mario Knows It’s Flat says:

Get it!
Steady and informative content, give it a like guys 👍🏽

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