How I Made +$1,000 Profit In 1 Day Trading Stocks | Investing 101

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Nguai al says:

Hey Ricky,
Thx for the video. You are a technical chart person. In this video, you mention not to trade a stock that you do not understand. Here is my Q. How much do you understand about the fundamental of the company that you trade?

Nguai al says:

Hey Ricky,
Thx. Did you say 100EMA?

The Lavish Trader says:

Keep the videos coming man, I trade as well but I trade Forex but I see you can still make a lot of money in the stock market. The capital is really large tho to get started in trading stocks. How much capital do you start with? $15k +?

Brave1000 says:

What educational path can help with this form of entrepreneurship? Also can someone help me out on how to get a simulation account set up and how to use it ?

DeeTheBomb says:

I made money from $CALI it goes up and down .10-30 cents hella fast every hour

Greg Frye says:

I'm seeing potential in VLO . I'm a beginner. Anyone else see what I think I see.

realdeal72 says:

Hmmm….if I recall correctly, Ricky said he was gonna "cut losses below $12" in his previous vid on JNUG and instead he holds down into the mid 11.30s (down > $1k)….I like your vids, but you got lucky on this one Ricky, 'understanding' had nothing to do with it. All the same, it was a good save!

Mathew Green says:

As someone who got into stocks a week ago i gotta say your videos are packed full of tips and tricks of the trade. Iv learned a lot and have started a simulation, i really think i can make this a job in time. Thanks again Ricky for all the helpful tips, stay green.

KvngSavage says:

man i get what your saying. i just opened my td ameritrade account. i am going to try to be consistent and disciplined.

hatanaka hisa says:

thanks Ricky. finally request joined FB group. Thanks

Robert J. duPreez says:

Awesome shirt. Since your a model in many ways…. Why not look for sponsorship in ware gear and bank!

Tonnie Kroesemeijer says:

Are you only trading stocks or also forex? And if only stocks what is the reason?

Nate Birkett says:

Solid videos bro, keep up the good work. I'm always learning when I'm watching. Depending on what state your in, I would be interested in collaborating with you to help improve the overall quality of your videos. I'm a filmmaker from chicago, and I'm beginning to diversify my work as well as my portfolio. If there is something I can offer to help better your channel, I'm more than happy to do so.

Antonio Bailey says:

Buy for $800.00 sale for $2000.00 not very good. I paid only $250.00 sale for $1800.00 to $2000.00 because of paying tax and license. Dmv fees are crazy man.


only ricky would be tradng with 14000 and say hes "only using a little over 10 thousand" hahaha keep it up ricky

Brandon Heinze says:

What times are the learn plan profit chats do you have to be there live or can you replay and watch or listen or read them

Brandon Heinze says:

Ricky you’re killing it

tsmooVe2831 says:

Thank you for all the help I provide bro! Keep doing ya thang! Continued success!

Antonio Bailey says:

You talking way too fast for me Ricky G. But still likes you because you looking good. And you have keep on going I am going to keep on following you. Thank you very much!!

Antonio Bailey says:

Hey Ricky, I am in Long Beach CA never traded or got paid from those kind of investments only losses so far. It seems you have to be very good to win at this thing so I am going slowly now.

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