How I Made +$1,000 Profit In 2 Days Trading Stocks | Investing 101

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William Cleek says:

Outstanding" This hour 468 free visitors with 5 signups

Gaje Bevier says:

Your speech is fine! your the man rick keep that brain moving at full speed! Don't slow down! Warrning!! People with less brain activity may have to watch ur vids multiple times

Ixwillxkillxyou says:

I made over $150+ trading with aker and dgaz. Mainly aker, i got in at 0.3426 and its been up to 0.38.

Daniel Cabrera says:

I want to join your group but I don't have a Facebook account

Wyatt says:

Can you make a video on how you have an eye for value because some of us just don't understand value. I have absolutely no eye for value and never have understood it much.

Ben Martinez says:

Buy point sell point and stop loss* that is the real key ? thanks ricky for your dedication to the channel i apreciate it greatly im up 6% on DGAZ buy point:21.05 sell point 23.01 6000 shares. Great motivating trade for me after my 10% loss. Keep pushing forward to the field of dreams (consistency)

Walt says:

Frankies Bikinis gotta sale tho

Peter Wrinkle says:

Option 1: Get a job, make like 50G's a year,
Option 2: Become a boss at trading, make 50G's in 3 days.
I'll take the 2nd option.

Eazy DuzIt says:

Ricky you don’t speak too fast some people just listen too slow

Mike Lopez says:

Please get a microphone! Congrats on the trades.

Gewber says:

You should get a Blue Yeti or Snowball USB mic. Good sound quality and easy to setup. Good job on that swing trade!

Hahakite Kite says:

Dude i dont know how many times i have to tell this to you, but you talk WAY TO FAST you got to slow down a little, it makes you seem edgy like either your trying to speak quick to seem smarter or you have seroiuse caffiene in you or on meth or cocain not saying you are but you have a new person see your video and they are going to leave because your discription says how i did something but yoir talkimg to fast to resonably keep up with ….rick they need to understand you !

Nathan Winter says:

Hello I am new to the stock market. I was just curious what program do you use to track your stocks, thanks!

Leo Castillo says:

Ricky thanks for the knowledge and positivity and realness. Just signed up for your program and watching the videos. Learning a lot. Also, was wathing this video on my TV and I have google home and when you said play That Gucci song my google home started playing it hahahaha

Pablo Cravacuore says:

Love the videos Ricky but please please PLEASE invest in a mic =)

kingedward says:

I'm learning as much as ever. I just hope you don't leave us yet Ricky

Larry V says:

Omg this is hilarious. At the end of the video when you said "ok Google" my own Google home responded with the song xD

Larry V says:

Hi Rick, I've been watching your video and inspired me to begin stock trading. Look forward to Future videos. Thank you for your time on this. Its good to see that your doing what you love.

Dave Peterson says:

whats the coupon code ?

tg trade2 says:

No video, just talking.

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