How I Made $1,000+ Today Dip Buying Panic

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Remember as Ray Allen wrote here the key to success are “boring old habits”, well for traders that means you need to study the past, today’s CNAB panic was the EXACT same as this pattern and while I played it too safely yet again, my 23% gain beat my prior gains on this pattern so I’m getting better each time, that’s what you should look to do too!


mattcanflyhigh says:

What do you think about MJ stocks over the next year? Any worth buying and sitting on?

Scott Tysar says:

Good stuff Tim!! I listen to you say the same rules over and over yet they just dont sink in gotta try to absorb as much as possible


nice pattern habits

Bombmaster720 says:

i haven't had any experience with stocks, sorry that i haven't bought your DVD's But i am really interested in this and i don't want to loose an opportunity, I'm willing to study into this and go further. Also just a question can i grow my account if i have $200 and use the correct strategies? :)

Justus Valentine says:

Yessir! I made around $300 on the panic. I have been following you for a while! Love this!

Peter W says:

I took a trade today on CANN. I saw it collapsing so hard and I knew it would bounce hard, and when it started coming back up I bought near the bottom

Gustavo III Barreda says:

I made $200 betting on gold yesterday. Thank you Trump

Edward Vincent says:

were can I find your dvds

jared iglesias says:

"So I thank you idiots who use hard stops"😂😂

madman400100 says:

I want to be a millionaire, where do I start?

keyboy5337 says:

what's the minimum you look to profit per share when buying penny stocks

chris binder says:

how do i buy these dvd's?

DontForgetDaAK says:

Are most these plays on OTC markets?

More Peace says:

As usual..straight motivation. Thank you sir.@dagodsson

Cole McDonough says:

how do i do this lmao


TIM and over and over and over lol. Good to hear someone speak about the market with passion and how important it is to apply strict and proven "STRATEGIES".

rick houston says:

where can i watch your videos

Pennystocks AF says:

I love your videos Tim! All you do is pump up your people. Thank you.

King Aryan says:

Tim for President!

Progen Heat says:

2nd comment

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