How I Made $13,000 In 30 Minutes Today

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What a HUGE win for my longterm newsletter, a 60% winner that was LONG overdue and another solid pattern, thoroughly prepared for the night before as I explained in my watchlist…preparation is the key to success


Nadir Rabah says:

TEACH ME PERSONALLY PLEASE! What do you charge? I'll get me a loan!

MeMyselfandBACON says:


William Ulery says:


Heath Haffener says:

Enjoying the videos!!!


bullkingbear says:

Mind set

Skipper1mc says:

About to start up an account on ready to access the chat room and video lessons!

iKillborn2kilNOE says:

mindfuck I mean mindset…

alexin andre says:


jerry richardson says:

I love learning and developing the right "MINDSET" Thanks Tim!??


another video lesson down

Narish Ramjanam says:

Mindset !

bitski488 says:

Timothy Sykes – I fucking love you!! Finally made a confident trade today using your strategy and it actually worked! ahh what a feeling.

Mario Reyes says:

mindset….i dont want hot stock picks i want high volatile picks lol

AJ Daily dose says:

this is what I'm trying to do

daniel gally says:

also made money on AXIM today by spotting the resistance around 10 and bounce back up in the afternoon and cashing out before it went back down to 11, even though I didn't net much, it felt good to be right, and gave me confidence in my abilities I'm honing through your advice. My longer term investments sucked today and with this I stayed in the green Thanks Tim

Neil Patel says:

Can you make vids on investing in stocks??

Naptali Wiseman says:

Ive been homeless since march last year.since then I've been bouncing around a bit trying to find my feet and study your videos where ever possible to secure a better life for myself and my family. So thanks Tim, MINDSET!!!

graano09 says:

Mindset. I'm confident that we will meet this year, and I'll be able to learn from the master in person. Have been studying since last year July, had my struggles to hold the course after losing some money when I started in October, particularly with people close to me saying that it can't be done but my mind is made up, and I'm confident that things will start to click. Dedicated to be the next millionaire student :)

alternity28 says:


This video demonstrating what's possible with study, planning and the proper mindset is motivating and INSPIRING!

Lukas Geissmann says:

Thx for the video.

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