How I Made $14,404.25 Day Trading Penny Stocks

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Mikemix says:

Lol.. I thought you’d be shorting CTRV today..

Joe Marsh says:

Will Karaman- I’m going off on Ross.. puts out a video that he made 9700 today.. but he doesn’t count his 2k$ loss…

James Homes says:

Will I don't understand why u said not to cover at the first support, if you short at $15,75 that's like $3,25-$3,50 profit , that's a good risk reward ratio,

Joe Marsh says:

William Karaman- I offer this comment as a friend and I don’t want you to get mad, but if a stock goes against you more then 10 cents, you should get out.. admit your wrong, and flip your stance… you could of lost $800 and made the $10k you lost going long! Then your day would of been $24k win. I’m not trying to dismay what your doing, but nobody should ever let a stock go that far. Prop traders aim for 6 cents loss. I’m on your team, keep trading, keep winning… I’m disappointed in your loss and feel for you brother!!! Keep it up Will… people are watching you

Azcato Impex says:

Nice trade, which broker you are using for short selling?

Ben Mao says:

I thought CTRV was on SSR? Couldn't find any shares on tradezero

Black Teddy says:

could you go over your trade on LJPC please? that would help a lot, thanks!

Jun 75 says:

It'd be helpful if you disclosed how much the locate fees were. I mean is the 14,404.25 net of locate fees and commission? Thank you.

Linehand says:

Nice video? I’m sure you found this ticker on equityfeed, how do you set your pre-sets on equityfeed or maybe you can do a video on it….maybe I’ll be as good as you one day✌?

Informed Trades - DayTrading/Investing says:

CTRV was a great Short.

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