How I Made $1,656.84 In 1 Week Trading Stocks | February 2018

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Edwin Core says:

Ricky, how do you get the support and resistance lines so quickly? So far I am drawing all of mine.

Scott B says:

Ricky, do you ever trade Tvix ? Was up 28% Friday. …anybody else?

Lee genius says:

I know this is random Ricky but I’m curious what is your major in college?

Mike Chu says:

Wooo. I see my post when Ricky showed the profits on Discord, right above the first post from nextlcoin! LOL

Justin Conroy says:

Hey Ricky Im really interested in joining your learn plan profit group but just didn't have the money in my PayPal to join. The money is pending and should be there by February 6th but I also noticed you said you will no longer except discount codes. Is their any way you could maybe hold off so i can join and still get a discount?

5 PERCENT says:

hey Ricky i got some profits with this gold and gas etfs. thank you buddy.

i want to join your group someday if i can.

Cristiano Fan vivo says:

Show us your loss too.

xxintellxxx says:

"Bull driven" is the pattern DGAZ StockTwits

Angel Lara says:

Hey Ricky could you put the volume up. These videos you have been posting lately are low on volume. Thanks and have a great weekend.

Beau Hebert says:

Ricky, you sound wise beyond your years regarding the stock market. Thanks for your YouTube videos.

Ebony Hayes says:

Been using ROBINHOOD cause of you Ricky. Banging it! Just made $282 on DGAZ. I'll keep you posted

Bay Harbor Butcher says:

I love your videos and how you share business and everything, but could you do a more detailed report on your finances, where you got them etc.. ? Simply how you got to this point. It is pretty easy to make money, the problem is, when you are on your own and you gotta start paying bills.

Paul says:

Can you also advertise on the week that you lose money?

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