How I Made $18,728.13 Swing Trading Penny Stocks Today

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lloyd8265 says:

lmaoo the way you say" guess what I do what ever the fuck I want!!… I was dying but true 😉

DPG says:

love your point of view

Christian Plet says:

Hi. What is the price for the.mentor

Aaron Roberts says:

Brilliant video, cant believe you have stuck to your word and offerd a 60day money back guarantee.
That says alot Thanks man?

Ilja Fritzler says:

Love that genius style, positive expectancy is king, treat trading as a tracking business with setups is the way to optimize consistency,

KG Trading says:

Watched entire video twice now, value in this for those with the right mindset

Fancy Fan says:

too long video, it takes too long time to watch , can't catch the essence

Khang Pham says:

lets just say you enter your short at 12.68 from Monday why not cover it at the beginning of the break out at premarket then re-short it again? will that make more sense? don't get me wrong you're the teacher here and i'm trying to learn short selling from you but this is logic right?

Keith Burtis says:

Will, love the ideas and love the use of math. Numbers never lie. The thing that is vexing me is how you understand velocity and choose targets? So for example, I might take a tade in $DGAZ in at 20.50 with a price target of 24.00. I'll often get out when I see a stock rolling over at 23.50 or something like that and I'm often right to get out a few cents under my target because it will often pull way back to my original entry where I'd like to be entering the trade again. Velocity is tough to understand as well. Might be able to set a price target but it could take weeks or months to get there. What if a new resistance forms? I suspect you look at the chart enough to understand a new top or bottom.resistance is forming, right?

Terry says:

Well I have to hand it to you. You are amazing. Really a Great Trader. Me !!! Not so good. Ha I made a Huge $ + .92 today. Oh well. At least I didn't lose. 🙂 Great job.

Sean Ruudz says:

Well done man!!! ??

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