How I Made 20% Trading Today

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Studying past great patterns like and while also applying the right mindset outlined here allows you to choose the best trades like I did today, making 20% despite being right for 60%, just taking a portion of the RISKY BUT PREDICTABLE bounce move on study up, this will happen again and again


Steve A says:

Hey Tim…..I've been wanting to try this out and don't care for any of the bs thats out there about small cap stocks, if the strategy works and is pulling in a profit, then I say try it out, and go for it till you miss, don't you agree? and I don't have the money to start trading yet, but wanted to know, where or how can I get started on educating myself with the knowledge that you have? btw – sorry this comment came out really messed up lol

XxdartvaderxX says:

Great vid i just wish i held my short on crbp damn! i could of made bank

Bask D says:

iam a beginner but this is my method, can you tell me if its a good one. 1st i look at the volume of the stock and if its not around 400,000 i usually wont touch ot because if i decide to short trade on a pump i dont want to get stuck in that trade. 2. i look for market cap, if the cap dosent add up with the revenue of the company than its a good chance its being pump. my hardest thing is finding thewe stocks. i also go and try to look for sec fillings etc to see if that company is even profitable. Im not good with the studying part because this is like my 2nd week so im just paper trading to get the fill of it

Cory Franklin says:

Thanks for the videos. still scared to take the plunge in stocks.

Troy Mauldin Media says:

Hey Tim I just applied for your millionaire challenge! hope to hear from you soon!

john doe says:

Very interested sir. Almost done with trader checklist. Thank you

Dat Boy Ben says:

By the way Tim I'm a long time admirer of your teachings. I would love to be one of your trading students but I don't quite got the funds for tuition lol but I'm studying your free vids so just be on the look out because I'm coming for the top!

Dat Boy Ben says:

hey which program does he use to trade on? what's the name of the software? idk if I'm saying it right

adam lawrence says:

thats again tim for the video lesson of the day ! always watching and greatly appreciated ! can't wait to become a student !

irvin arias (Irv510) says:

hello there Tim, I am fairly new to buying and selling stocks. I have been trying to buy certain stocks but i have not been able to. I`m currently using tradekings and they do not let me purchase low value stock, referred to as OTC. How do I go about buying and selling these Over The Counter stocks?

Jian Sen Lee says:

is CATQ a pump and dump?

Adam Yasser says:

Another great video lesson. Thanks Tim.

Mr Schmutz says:

Nice video !I'm a complete beginner in stock market(heard about penny stocks a few weeks ago) .I really want to wrap my head around it and start investing in the future
What software is this in the video ?
How will affect me if I come from a smaller country? (Romania)

Noah Thrall says:

Studying my ass off and somehow I haven't had a single green day Paper Trading. I have a feeling my issue is basic, but I cant figure it out. With help, I have no doubt I can be the next millionaire student.

Biruk Admase says:

I truly appericiate the simplicity and the openness of your trade videos. I made about a thousand and a thousand and a thousand dollars just following your videos since last week. Even though It is paper money on forex, you really gave me the base to becom a successful trader. Cheers Tim!!!

Tom Camaj says:

Shorting seems like an awesome idea. How do you find shares to short and why is it so difficult?

smith jason says:

Tim . I watched you as a guest on Tom Sosnoff show few years ago. He said that what you do is BULLSHIT . Ha ! what he think about this one right now ? Bullshit ? Gambling ? No way … news come up somebody take all the profit just like u did . Good job mate . I'm a beginner and u are the reason that i start trading. i watched your free videos until october 15 and i really appreciate your advices . Now of course i found many "teachers" on yt and i start to learn about options too . What is your advice for me and what is your opinion about options vs penny.

danwat1234 says:

DCTH pumpage tomorrow is likely. OH come on RGSE, go to 1.6+ pleaase for a good friday.

Dove ove says:

Hello Tym 🙂 Great video as always and thank You for them.
I do have question about your webinar, will you record it, so people who live in different time zone could watch it next day?
Have a great day 🙂
I was trading, but i lost most of the times, so now i study more than trade, i am reading all your recommended books right now.

Miles Harding says:

Tim getting wild today!

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