How I Made +$2,000 Profit Today Day Trading Stocks | Ricky Gutierrez

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A Mc says:

He's not as entertaining as Patrick Wieland

ryan clark says:

Trying to get into stocks any recommendations on how to really get a good feel for it.

mr fabulous says:

I'm just new to this I hope I understand it ,it looks kinda hard

Dylan Tyack says:

@Ricky What is your EMA input set at?

PK Percentage says:

how to get multiple VWAPs Ricky ?

Jerry Nix says:

Hey Ricky so how much are you investing to get that much profit?

latrell landers says:

What exactly is paper trading ?

Lol1045 says:

I ended up with 1000€ in my paper trading platform which is about 1% 😇

Ryboh says:

what application would you recommend for trading stocks, thinkorswim isn't avaliable in the UK and I'm looking for something to start practicing with.

Artúr Tóth says:

Definitely going to get serious about this.

TheBagBalm says:

How's your hot sister?

ItsPlanB NL says:

Why don't you just show your profits within the ToS platform instead of a screenshot?

Sun Woke says:

Thanks Ricky, super inspiring and refreshing.
How to you get/purchase the software you use for your trading? Thanks Ricky and check my music too if you like music.
Peace and Blessing.

Nicholas Couture says:

Do you think thinkorswim custodial accounts are a good idea or no?

Hayden Herrera says:

i’m 16 and tryna get into some stuff of this stuff. i’ve sold stuff on ebay and made a few thousand but i’m tryna do bigger things

Markloweh De Jose says:

$2000 a day? How's that even possible?? 😮

vishwam joshi says:

Where did you learned trading please tell me

Yogesh Patel says:

Love your videos Ricky, simple and straight forward teaching me the basics right now

tmoss89 says:

sskn ? ? seems to be in a breakout spot.

BushOwl says:

What do u use to trade?

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