How I Made $2,000 Today Even With A Fever

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So many students to congratulate, so many plays, sorry for sounding so badly in this video, but I had to make it to review the past few days…congratulations in particular to Tim Bohen who nailed the DRYS buy alert in his live webinar today in the low 4s before it spiked 30%+ more


Cole Essex says:

Where do I find your watchlist?

Noah Jackson says:

Thank you very much, it was a fun day!

Ksgamer103 says:

Make taking care of yourself a priority Tim. Sounds like a nasty one.

LB says:

The universe left us non toxic antibiotics , Organic Green Tea & raw coconut oil

Mo Ibrahim says:

Great video yet again, I'm still learning from your youtube channel but hope to save up enough money to buy the HTMM video. Hope you get better tim and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Jhonatan Alonso says:

Hey Tim this question keeps nagging me. When you say you trade with a $12,000 account, do you add what you made to the account or do you start every trade with only $12,000?

Jeffrey Abascal says:

Hey Timothy..Im a high school student and ive been very interested in the stock market i have 100$ that ive been saving ..i was wondering if i can start making some money with that amount.can you help me ?

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