How I Made $2,300 Day Trading | Penny Stocks & Large Cap Stocks

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Check out these trades that I made trading today, solid trading day with great winning accuracy 🙂 cheers traders.

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Not Important says:

i thought NBY was overextended at .90 and put in an order at .76…. needless to say, it didn't fill


Jason Ong says:

can i know what broker you uses

Jason Ong says:

can i know what broker you uses

Jason Ong says:

can i know what broker you uses

alan smith says:

This guy is a joke.

D Barbarian says:

Thanks for the video,
Have a question, I am new to day trading, I started last week and have a stop loss at about 0.88% and profit targets at about 3-4%. My stops are hitting more than targets. What is your suggestion on stops?

Also what is your opinion on stops for such a volatile biotech like prvb?


XX YY says:

Thank you & thumbs up!
That being said, it would be helpful to me as a beginner if you would identify the lines on your chart as to which indicators they are. It is hard to tell looking at them from here. Thanks again!

Informed Trades - DayTrading/Investing says:

Nice trades

Trav Vo says:

Congrats!! Nice come back

Leeroy Jenkins says:

Thanks for sharing, I watched many of ur videos. Liked ur Boeing idea a few weeks ago. Keep on! ?

BAD4GOOD2 says:

PRVB was a good day $380 on $2k account

shailajakamath says:

awesome explanation!

Amalia Pratt says:

Yeah, NBY was halted a lot of times, got in at $1.04, and it was a very green day for me. Hoping another one good trade again tomorrow. Thanks, Connor!

Roy Gonzales says:

Thanks, thats in a real account??

hanniel hoyohoy says:

Good job trading on PRVB Conor. Ross from warrior trading lost -10k trading PRVB.

Aaron Edwards says:

Connor look at momo

Own The Chaos says:

NBY grabbed 1.30 and finally sold some at 2.21. A thousand halts later and finally got the rest of it out haha. Nicely done sir

Highway 1 says:

Yes! Killing it!
And nice summer hair cut

Arlette Darty says:

thank you for explaining about RSI

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