How I made $2,500 in under four hours trading Gold

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In this video we break down the Gold XAU/USD trade that I took, looking at all technical and fundamental aspects.

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Trading Pro says:

Awesome energy. Love the vids!!! STAY LIT BABY

Anthony Adinweruka says:

I follow your fundamental and I hope to learn more from you .I appreciate from nigeria

ronnald nkoma says:

I follow your fundamental anaylsis updates and I'm learning a lot, I appreciate, from Zimbabwe

Mr K says:

lol why do you always give this deep the during your speeches… lol you sound like Boris Johnson… sskkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Jovianto Hertandi says:

Pro ⭐🎖️

Baker James says:


Ken FX Freak says:

Who has been enjoying this big Gold (XAU/USD) bull run?!

Tom Bouttell says:

Most certainly did take that trade ££££, @FX CARTEL also did a nice breakdown of a gold trade if anyone's interested.

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