How I Made $2,500 Trading Penny Stocks On My Train Ride Yesterday*

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The last 48 hours have been insane, in a good way. Subscribe: to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques.

0:15 I had some good trades, made roughly $2500, which is good, $2500 adds up.*

3:00 It’s been a busy two days from my dad throwing out the first pitch to trading on the train to getting overwhelmed by students, to donating $25,000.*

6:00 If a company is undercharging in some way they are going to under-deliver in another way. Or they are going to make money in other ways you don’t realize.

9:00 If you break rule #1 you get back to the starting point and all you can do is learn from your loss and recognize how terrible it feels to break rule #1 and get back on your feet again.

11:00 Don’t feel down if you have a small account and you can make $150 or $200 on a $750 investment you take it every single time.

15:00 We’re not about following alerts, it’s about learning to be self-sufficient. We have the biggest chat room in the low price stock market. It’s not a follow-the-leader mentality.

18:00 Don’t overtrade, wait for a play with momentum and news and that’s what it comes down to, not every penny stock has it.

20:00 You guys should all watch trader checklist. Go to now and watch it.

21:00 Study up and be prepared. Go to get the software, look at the 40+ scans that are built in and actually use them every single day. You will be shocked and the difference in your trading.

* Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk. See Terms of Service here:


kurt c says:

i like it when you talk about people "calling you out" on excuses or how you trade. bottom line is your making money. doesn't matter how point is your making it. lol

Life of Murk says:

I dont believe you are making excuses, if it wasn't for you, a lot of people would not know how to trade. Your strategies work!!!

Love Myboys says:

I wish i had $2500. Catch up on my bills. Go grocery shopping and go on spree for food.

Chia Lor says:

Much respect, but it's ironic you tell people to use stockstotrade when you use an etrade platform for your videos. Aha. No offense, just would confuse people IMO lol.

Omar Elias says:

How do you feel about WEED.TSX apparently at the end of the month they are uplisting to NYSE.. How can we predict the top or if they will double prior to entry?

Dofl Pks says:

Hey Tim, real question. When Justin made 58% on his account, It appears he went nearly all in on this play. As a beginner trader, even with studying (As Tim Gritanni took a whole year and blew up his account twice) don't you think he's at high risk of giving away all that he earned? He even said "phew what a rush", which is a gambler mentality. It took me months before I realized the importance of risk management, and I started very small and still got burnt even tracking data, even trying new patterns, even finally mastering 1 single pattern.

kimberlee anne says:

Made my first "big" profit on SNES yesterday $121 profit made 17.6 % my biggest % gain yet! 500 shares in at $1.53 out at $1.80. i've been studying your videos, as well as Grittani, and Goodes videos. Thank you for the amazing video lessons.

majestik1 says:

Your trade being half a second apart from Roland shows your top students are seeing the same as you 🙂

Prabin Gurung says:

can I get discount for the dvd how to make millions?

Edward Bronner says:

good job on snes and adom. i will be buying that book on amazon. knowledge is power.

Slacks says:

I see these patterns daily I just hate only being limited to 3 day trades a week ::

D.R. John says:

What app should I be using.

Johnny Trask says:

How hard would it be to start my own brokerage firm? And how much money would someone realistically make from it?

Joseph Zinser says:

I saw both SNES and ADOM pre-market , the volume looked great, and I said to myself wow those look good. Then I didn't trade them. I sat in another boring stock I was already in. I was kicking myself all day as I watch them go up and the one I was in sat there doing nothing. Congratulations to everyone else who took that trade!


Bought SNES at .58 sold at $1.40 the next day! Had no idea it was gonna run up 400% based on that kind of news! Thanks Tim! I will definitely check out that book!

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

Jonhy Hustle says:

you are right, I chased snes late near the top. But rule #1 saved me from a bigger lost

x Buggzy says:

I want to start but dont know where to start nor what apps to download etc. Please help!

Brazin says:

Up $600 dollars paper trading with a start of $2,200 account paper trading, studying video lessons and about to finish the complete penny stocking course, up $275 today from $SNES and $ICLD
profitly video about my trades:

georgy prophete says:

I have a very small accounts, I received the alerts from Profitly I made $150. Thanks Timothy.. At first I thought you were just like everybody else's on YouTube, but TimSykes is REALLLLLL👊👊!!!

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