How I Made +$3,800 Profit Trading Stocks | Step By Step

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Olisday Ramos says:

Hi Ricky…I really like your videos those people that ask does stupid question is because they don’t get what you trying to do. Don’t put to much attention because the ones that are actually try to learn and do money they will support you..😊

Compoundinterest stockguy! says:

God you need to make shorter videos, every time theres an ad its about that stupid bunny token lol. I like hearing what you have to say though.

shaun s says:

Now that the market is down should I be buying while things are lower ?

Tim Katerberg says:

This could be the safest strategy to trade in this market crash

denise west says:

happy Easter to you

sensus says:

Ricky, you’re very inspiring!

adonis prime says:

Lol simple math ppl

Singh Broadcasting says:

How much was invested for make 3800.00

pypeco says:

Man, I would love to watch a video of your businesses, I'm 17 yrs old, looking to do a business myself later on so I would appreciate all advice on that topic. Also, would like the SMA and EMA video, wanna know all about the indicators you use since I'm getting started in investing.

arcnaver tipdog says:

If someone is offended because of Easter, that is their choice, not your problem.

Ronnie Newsome says:

hey ricky, is your course a one time fee?

Thira Bard says:

It's great that youre making money, but putting the exact amount you're making can give people who watch your videos a false positive and could potentially cost them money given you make it sound so easy to them. As always, very informative either way 🙂

ron Snyder says:

Happy easter

Eileen Condon says:

Ricky, you are a kind, thoughtful teacher. You do make trading sound possible , but it's not for the lazy or the timid. You give so much, no reason to get distracted by the unfit. Chill. And thanks.

William Fowler says:

Stop blowing your parents money you ugly punk.

William Fowler says:

racist piece of shit

lkcheat says:

Happy Easter newbie looking forward to learning

juan puablo says:

Can I learn for free or do I have to buy your courses please be blunt and very honest.


take in this guy livestreams his trades, then everyone wathing buys the stock, then he sells it lmfao this guy is genius

Luis Parades says:

Great trades… always…Happy Easter…

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