How I Made $3K In A Day Spotting Penny Stock Promoters

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Are you familiar with how stock pumps work? Did you know $DSGT and $NSPX were promoted stocks? You must understand how this sketchy niche works. Tune in and learn how stock promoters operate … and whether you should avoid them.


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Happy Monday to you all!

I want to go over a few of these stocks. I know my trading approach might be confusing to newbies or outsiders sometimes…

And some of you might not be familiar with how promoted stocks work. So I’ll explain more in this video.

Stocks like DSG Global Inc. (OTCQB: $DSGT) and Inspyr Therapeutics Inc. (OTCPK: $NSPX) are promoted stocks.

They’re being promoted on Twitter and websites with stock-related information.

In fact, most crappy stocks are promoted. And people receive monetary compensation for doing so.

Don’t think that if you learn which companies or users are pumping stocks on Twitter that you’ve got it all figured out.

These people constantly change their usernames, Twitter handles, and websites. They’re slippery and slimy … They’d be hard to catch without some help.

Don’t get me wrong! Stock pumps are very important to me — I need them to do their job.

But as a trader, you have to be able to tell the difference between a blatant stock pump and a stock that’s actually spiking on a valid catalyst.

I don’t want you to fall victim to a stock pump — that’s what this video is for.

So how can you improve your radar and better identify which stocks are being promoted for no good reason?

I use the StocksToTrade Breaking News Chat feature. It’s on the StocksToTrade platform and highlights most of the promoters these days.

Check the links above to try Breaking News. I think it’s in your best interest. Just like watching this video.

Educate yourself now before you fall for a blatantly promoted stock.

After watching this video, if you understand why I find stock promoters valuable … leave a comment below. Say, “Come on, pumpers.”

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🔴 Try StocksToTrade Breaking News:

After watching this video, if you understand why I find stock promoters valuable … leave a comment below. Say, “Come on, pumpers.”

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