How I Made $500 In One Day Trading Penny Stocks | Step By Step

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How I Made $500 In One Day Trading Penny Stocks Step By Step
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Noah braker says:

Hope I can make some money and just started subscribed

Anna Martyn says:

Awesome Share😊thx.

rotexman84 says: good job Tony

TMartin026 says:

New subscriber, learning!

Shyam Sunder says:

Good trade! Thanks for the video.

Addiel nieves says:

love your videos man, email:

Tech Experience says:

Good Video Tony thank you again for all the free training!

Neema Neshatian says:

Good job being up $500.

Benjamin Stasiuk says:

I like the Christmas light in the back ground

Pedro C. says:

love seeing notifications for these kind of videos then thinking… ONE DAY!!! HAHA thanks man!

Christopher Aguirre says:

Great video, always good stuff.

Dody Hesseltine says:

Hey guys, Tony mentioned his course. I took his course and can testify that he has a lot of great info in it. I learned a lot and he still helps me.

Dody Hesseltine says:

Tony, you talk about Trade Ideas scanner. How can I get that from you?

Chuck T says:

thanks for another informative video, Trading Penny Stocks!!!

sarkjoy bi_ says:


sheikh ceesay says:

I played NVFY , was looking for the break of pre market high but it didn't happen.

Corey Hannon says:

Such a smart idea to increase comments…
Super helpful information….
You got a new subscriber.

tred b says:

Hey tony, do the TradeIdea platform also do key words for news or is that only a EquityFeed feature?

tom browne says:

Another great video thanks man

Kelona McDonald says:

I just discovered your videos and I have been enjoying them! Thank you for making them. 🙂

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