How I Made $5,000+ Yesterday Trading Stocks [Step-By-Step Walk Through of My Trading Strategies}

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I’m getting SO many questions from my students on how I spotted one of the biggest winners the past 2 days, here’s your answer…dip buying earnings winners works, see more dip buying lessons at

0:20 I’m now pushing over $230,000 in the stock market this year.
0:39 I held this trade over the weekend
0:54 I want you to get used to looking at charts like this. It was earnings in mid-November. Looking for stocks that spike in reaction to earnings, THIS is what you want to look for
1:43 As of this moment, it was an earnings winner
2:00 Some of these stocks consolidate, which is great
3:20 I was happy to make money over the weekend, on the dip buy
4:15 It had not one, but two multi-day spikes
4:40 This was a scenario where the stock did better than I though
5:00 Go in with a goal, stick with the plan and try to take good profits

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This was a good trade

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Good trade!

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this was a good trade

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Hi Tim what is the web u use in the video?

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This was a good trade! Thank you Tim!

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This was a Good Trade

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yes, Im beginning to get it!

Diego Chavez says:

Tim can you be more specific? So, you bought at 7,80 because price went green for 1st time. But what was your risk level? Lowest of day? G/r area? And how do you set your goal for 1$?

SpartaTek9 says:

"This Was A Good Trade", Thx Tim Great Lesson.

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This was a good trade!

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This was a good trade


This was a good trade.

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This was a good trade!

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So many sheep saying the same shit on Tim's videos

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40,000$ position tho

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This was a good trade

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