How I Made $56,000 IN ONE WEEK Trading Options

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Hi Guys! In this video, I go through in an in-depth review of my biggest plays for the week of 1/20. I made a total of $56,000 on the week trading options. Thank you for watching! Like & Subscribe for weekly content 🙂

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Danny H says:

What expiration dates do you generally buy your daily contracts? weekly expirations or monthly?

Danny H says:

Could you share where you learnt your trading skills pls?

charles grove says:

You would think she’d be using a better quality camera if she was making $10,000+ per day 🤔
I’m just not convinced… Masi posts almost every day about making huge amounts of money. She must be a multimillionaire by now, and on her way to becoming a billionaire. 🤣 Better performance than professional fund managers because of basic technical analysis. 🙄
She may not be directly advertising a course, but she always tags Umar / Stockmarket labs in IG posts. Probably gets some profit sharing from the expensive course sales.


MASI can I ask you to personally teach me for 1 week? I would love to learn options 🙂 my email is hhjdesigns@ Gmail . Com

Jonny says:

I gotta feeling that those realized gains are from a paper trading account

Gihlbert C says:

Live stream your trades !

Bimal Bhakta says:

Nice trading Masi!

Itrade50k A week says:

I think we all want to see you count 50k in cash.

Simons says:

Saw title I thought Tesla right away lmaoooooooo was right

Sheila Mukherjee says:

Great content, thanks Masi!


Much respect. I'm a small cap momentum trader. Its good to see a woman do her thing!dont see too many women posting trading videos. I think its hella cool!keep it up!

Danny H says:

Please dont tell us your not gonna be selling a course in 1 of your future videos lol
Cause this youtube guru trend is getting outta hand 😔

Dawid Jałoszyński says:

This is demo account…. look left corner guys

Ricky Ricardo says:

How long have you been trading?

Nik's Vlogs says:

fucking finally a girl trader that makes CRAZY MONEYYYYYYY

jgiakouminakis says:

Awesome breakdown Masi! You are crushing it lately. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next videos…

Artem Marketer says:

Hi Masi, thank you for the detailed video with your entries, it helps us to learn. I would ask you to make a video about Level 2 with a specific example, ideally if you could show us successful breakout and explain how we could see it on Level 2, and for example the fake one, or just a breakout that didn't last long, also with Level 2 explaining how we could see that there are no buyers anymore. I feel like it's very important topic and a lot of people would appreciate it, you guys who trade well always say "I could see that buyers didn't step out that is why I was holding on that red candle" or "I could see sellers step away that is why I bought" … Most new traders don't see that, we gamble in a way, just playing with levels and watching volume. So yeah, I personally would appreciate such video.

Btw it's a pleasure watching someone can make those amounts of money, I'm sincerely glad for you. I'm sure you had put a lot of your time and efforts to get these results, well done!

King Alii says:

Your great keep up the Good work 🔥❤️ Options tradings is the best long has you know what you doing

shahboz zikiryaev says:

Great breakdown keep up the hard work 🔥🔥🔥

Bobby Pabla says:

WOW great insight keep it up and keep smashing those green days! 3 haters giving you a thumbs down(rolls eyes)

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