How I made $600 in 10 minutes | Trading Penny Stocks Online in 2017

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How I made $600 in 10 minutes by trading penny stocks online
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Hey everyone! Today’s video lesson covers how i made $600 in 10 minutes by trading penny stocks online. I make these videos every day just to teach beginners exactly how to get started trading penny stocks and profit from it!

Today I traded $PZRX and made around $600 in 10 minutes by dip buying this penny stock and selling after the SEC halt! I got pretty lucky that it was halted right at the high of day, but even if the halt didnt happen I would have made some great profits on this trade.

I also talk about bitcoin passing $10,000 today and did some more technical analysis on Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum as they all saw CRAZY gains after the video I posted on Friday.


Osiris - says:

Can you do monthly picks on penny stocks. So easy for peeps to miss these great opportunities. Best tip is to not get caught up in panic sells peeps. Bitcoin was meant to end 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 + years ago. I invest in the penny stocks. Easy to get carried away with the big end of town, not remembering the big boys started out at the bottom. Been trading the penny stock crypto and turning great profits. Trick is finding those worthwhile contenders and hedging your bets on a decent return. My pick of the week is Safe Exchange on Bittrex – has started its rise and hodling very well.

Jacob Barba says:

Hey bro ive been following you for quite some time now. Im cinsidering buying into your mentorship program. Do you invest in the crypto currency market as well?

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