How I Made $7,423 Day trading Penny Stocks In 1 Day!

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Follow me on this journey growing my small account from $800 to $100,000!

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Diego Romero says:

love to see you start all over again.

aesthetictrading says:

This channel should have way more than 1k subs.

Jay Smith says:

nice trades!!! your ecn fees must be outrageous at 150,000 shares

Tran Huu Tuyen says:

Excellent. How you find these stocks to trade ?

Ace Green says:

Great trading man. I was right along with you in $nspr but wasn’t as quick as you and took pocket change. Keep teaching us🏆

Phuk Q Q says:

Start over again i missed the beginning.

Hitman 009 says:

Awesome trades, once you reach 100k, start all over Mike. Show us how magic is being done again.

Tanveer Junayed says:

Nice trades. Do you offer a free trial? Thanks

TradeVortex says:

Dang it haha, NSPR moved 5 minutes after I left the chatroom xD. Well there'll be more opportunities to come! Nice Trade Mike!

Ivan Mast says:

awesome mike!

R1tch4rd says:

Start over once you hit 100k please! I am looking to join with 1k on ST soon and would like to see how I can trade with you side by side.

Zlisc says:

Thanks Mike, killing it

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