How I Made $8,900 Today

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$9k/day keeps the real job away, go apply at to learn how to make this kind of money too, just be ready to study your butt off because the key to my success is preparation so NO LAZY PEOPLE ALLOWED


Sergio Dj says:

Good stuff, Congrats Tim. I killed it today on AVEO with a 21% profit cash on hand ?. Payday came in early ??. Eyes on OSUR on that "W". Gl tomorrow

NoLifeRequired says:

Tim, please don't view this comment in a way that makes me look lazy, i'm not. I would say i'm more lost. I've known about you for some time now and I see you success and immediately get inspired, and I want to take action but I just don't really know where to start. You have so many videos. I can't possibly watch ALL of them, and i'm very busy. I have a night shift job which makes it more difficult to watch stocks during the day. I'm not asking you for a direct answer, I know you want me to work for it, and I will. Can you at least give me some guidence? I have a little over 1k I can put into the market. I know that's basically nothing, but i'm trying. My question is, where is my true beginning? What am I looking for when I study? I wish you and your students the best. Take care, Tim.

radicalkills says:

You're a Don Tim, keep it up

Factualx says:

This is what's possible if you have 100k to throw at GPRO lmao

Stealth Dodger says:

Get it Sykes! Sykes is psyched what!! My gpro is coca-cola aka KO. Not even taking profits till I see a huge exhaustion bar on the daily chart! I posted a trade of my favorite set up today if anyone cares to see. I didn’t make 8,906 bucks you sob but def more then what a lawyer makes compared to the time I had invested. Keep the Vids coming Sykes, I hope one day my sack becomes as massive as yours! Till then, take my lil gold bar ya hearddddd.

Memento Mori says:

hey tim! i live in russia and i'm trading on 'moscow stock exchange'. can your lessons be usable for different stock exchanges from different countries like russia for example? i mean i don't have access to us exchanges so i'm trading on russian one and i think that your lessons can be usable for that because the stocks is the same everywhere, right?
ps: sorry for my crappy english btw 🙂

degoek says:

What was yout initial investment for a return like that?

James Taylor says:

Gotta love f*cking earnings winners

JustMeDee says:

Congrats Tim!!!

Mitchell Maier says:

This video should be called "I made $8,900 today".. would love you to go into more details like the rest of your videos!

King Delamuela says:


Truck Driving Deva says:

Got call for challenge. Unfortunately my trucking career hinders me with time constraints.disappointed. but I will keep studying and not giving up.?can't join

itti swan says:

hey tim I found you just a month ago.. loved your interview with dux and I want the same for myself.. but where should I study?.. right now I am studying your "penny stocking 101" lessons but where should I study charts and from where should I get the news about penny stocks so I can at least observe how it affect the charts.. thanks

Дмитрий .Беляев says:

u r sick!lol

KennethTehGoat says:

He makes his money from his free guides and online popularity. Thats why whenever he actually makes a successful investment no matter how large he posts about it. If he actually was a wizard at penny stocks he wouldn't share his technique. And I dare him to comment cause theres no way in hell he could convince me otherwise unless he had a face to face and i became a " student "

Pellyiss Evans says:

Is all your stocks nasdaq what u trade Timothy

Kourtney Kraft says:

When did you enter? And how many shares did you buy to profit 8k?

Ivanov Trades says:

Great job! 9k from a 100k+ position. Is this how you're teaching your students to grow a small account? Don't think this is the best way Sykes!

lars prins says:

Tim I really like how you motivate us and stuff, but what I like even more is some more study material!?

Mark B says:

Timothy Sykes I would like to learn how to make money. Can you teach me please. I'm 32 years old I'm struggling in life. Living pay check to pay check and still don't have enough money. I'm sick and tired of it. I want to get myself out of debt. I want to enjoy life the way you are. I want to stop stressing and worried about how am I going to get by. So please help me teach me I willing to learn.

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