How I Made Nearly $10,000 Trading Penny Stocks in ONE Day | #1 Stock Tip: PATIENCE PAYS OFF

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What a GREAT day of trading and teaching in-person with my students since I wasn’t forcing trades as PATIENCE PAYS OFF…go apply at to learn in person as it helps SO much

Here are the key outlines of this video outlining EXACTLY how I made nearly $10,000 today trading penny stocks

0:20 I wasn’t forcing the trade. I wasn’t wanting to trade – that is the KEY to success.
0:57 Patience Pays Off
2:08 I love teaching in person and I’d love to meet you in person as well. You’ll have an opportunity to learn how to trade stocks. Check this out
6:30 I can do what I want when the stock isn’t doing what I want. Be nimble when a stock isn’t doing what you want
10:57 I let the stock fly
11:36 I’m in the middle of a press interview as the stock is spiking. I didn’t know WHY the stock was spiking but was screaming to grab my laptop!
13:38 I didn’t chase this stock because I didn’t know what was going to happen. It was a very speculative stock. Just because it was speculative, doesn’t mean I’m going to chase it
18:53 If you’re getting close to reaching your goals, then get out of the stock (if you feel that something “feels off”)
19:19 This was my best in-person training and I’d love to invite you to this in-person training to learn how to trade stocks


Daren Tyson says:

Is there a site where to start trading penny stocks?

Jaded Jester says:

Patience pays off

Chimezie Onwuneme says:

Patience pays off

Brandon Barbera says:

How did you know it wasnt going to tank?

Jonnathan Mejia says:

Patience pays off

Marilyn Hill says:

Patience pays off!

Karol Pedziwiatr says:

I know why they spike, all of them. I will tell you Tim but only once I'm at a noticeable amount of $ (its technical(news is part of it) but man it's so easy once you understand it) (all of the BioTech spikes, decent portion of different sector spikes in nasdaq). I will fly to one of your seminars and get you in person to show you(I will have a mini presentation ready for you). Only you (not Grittani, not Dux..), I will show only you because I learned about better life from you and not them, you made them, they didn't make you(you can tell them later, it's up to you, i don't care, I just want to give you back what you gave to me).
My personal biggest lottery win was actually finding you, a Jewish man that knows how to get a shitloads of money and tells everyone how to step by step, but nobody listens. I'm greedy AF so I'v been listening. Thanks a lot Mr. Tim.

FYI. $CUR was on my watchlist, predicted 90% win in gains, i though it will MAYBE go 200%+ on the day but wasn't sure(it did). some stocks will go 700%+(1day spike) and I will tell you how to find them ahead of time, It's not complicated at all 😀 😀

Sorry for another long comment, I have a problem talking too much.

Hundreds hours of studying and guess what? PATIENCE PAYS OFF

Chris VanSlyke says:

ASTC tiny volume ….. the spike in this case is 100% from a chat room/alert

tim sky says:

patients pay off

Jamon Hampton says:

😂😂 stfu for real

sick sessions says:

Any thoughts on BTSC?

destin stults says:

patience pays off… In $dpw at 2.90 after the halt out at 3.20 thanks for everything you teach!

Jackson Schrenk says:

Patience pays off

TheCanadianRocket says:

How do you find these epic stocks and how do you know they will blow up?

Andrea Comelli says:

Patience pays off! Thank you Tim!

ray v. says:

Ur mic volume is low??

Jordan Bawab says:

Patience pays off

Stan Carver says:

Patience pays off

Tommy says:

I like how you only stick to a few stocks and patterns and nail them. I'm in a chatroom now that's confusing the heck out of me because they are trading everything and anything that moves! Its exhausting. I love learning how you focus and zone in on the very best. Keep up these awesome video lessons brother.

Lars Cronin says:

had a good laugh counting the number of times you said Ughm…but overall great lesson and congrats to steph on her first trade!!!

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