How I Made over $300 Trading Penny Stocks Today | Step By Step January 2018

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How I Made over $300 Trading Penny Stocks Today
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Michele Jones says:

Great work! I enjoy learning from your market trades.

Dennis Saerbeck says:

good insight, liking the vids!

1ArtistEsanne says:

That was Great information regarding trading with emotion.. and knowing when to allow a trade to pass and get in were you feel more comfortable

Roy Zeilstra says:

Which hour do you trade? Im living in Holland, so I dont know which local time you mean..

Shaun B says:

Good stuff bruh!

Muhammad Moosa says:

i see, i see

Wolfman RN4L says:

Good stuff! Your crypto/binance video helped out a lot as I’m just starting out with crypto day trading.

Ben Martinez says:

Great video man

epedos says:

Great video! Would you make more crypto trade videos please?

Abdul Rahman says:

Love your uploads bro! You got yourself a new subscriber!

RogerThat says:

Great work Tony! Keep ut the very informative sharing! Did I just win?! 🙂

Daniel Branysh says:

Love the show mate

Destroying Anxiety says:

Up 2k on the month!

David Rezal says:

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Christoph Schramm says:

Good Video, thanks!

Bazar Exclusivo says:

Thanks again. I would love to be in your team but I am from France. How can I trade this stocks? thanks

Adel Ammari says:

Thanks man.

Finster Darkbyrd says:

Learned alot from your channel, thx

Rob says:

great video keep it up

Tara Peniston says:

Thank you again

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